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”’Blind Freddy” could see that the Ukraine war proves the perilous danger of nuclear reactors.

I often wish I knew who ”Blind Freddy” is. He sure is someone that we need in power, in these near suicidal days of war and of countries arking up their militarism.

As the danger of nuclear reactors becomes so patently obvious right now, there’s a frenzy of promotion of nuclear reactors by governments in China, USA, Europe, (notably France), and indeed, across the world

The Ukraine situation, with war surrounding Europe’s largest complex of nuclear reactors – at Zaporizhzhia, surely illustrates how very unwise it is, to have nuclear reactors at all. While everyone, especially Rafael Grossi, head of the IAEA, is scared of a catastrophic accident there, it wouldn’t be the same if it the energy facility were a solar centre, or wind farm. No other method of energy production carries this immense risk of a devastating release of ionising radiation.

The Chernobyl situation is an equally telling one. The disastrous accident happened 36 years ago, yet the site is still terribly dangerous, and made more so by climate change, bringing wildfires close to the crippled reactor. All this, with fighting, shelling, missiles going on. (A somewhat less dangerous situation is in the USA, where the site of the 1971 Santa Susana radiological disaster is threatened by wildfires)


April 27, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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