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US Planned A Nuclear Explosion On Moon; Information Revealed From Intelligence Documents Some intelligence documents have revealed that the US wanted to conduct a nuclear explosion on the moon. The purpose of this US mission was to make a tunnel on the moon and dig in its core. Huge expenditure was also spent on this campaign

There has been a big disclosure about America’s Moon Mission. Some intelligence documents have revealed that America’s plan was to conduct a nuclear explosion on the moon. Under the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), the US spent a lot on this mission, but did not get the expected success.

The US was working on such a plan, which is very difficult to believe. Its mission included visibility cloaks, antigravity devices, traversable wormholes, and tunneling to the Moon by detonating nuclear weapons. However, now AATIP is inactive and currently this program is not working.

In the 1600-page document, there have been many revelations about the research being done by AATIP. Documents show that the AATIP was a secret organisation and information about it came to light when its former director Luis Elizondo resigned from the Pentagon in 2017. At that time it was claimed that about USD 22 million had been spent on this Moon mission.

This agency, which plans Nuke Explosion on the Moon, was funded by the US Department of Defense and has also been at the center of discussion about UFOs many times. According to the documents, America wanted to dig in the core of the moon.

The reason for this was the discovery of a metal as strong as steel, but 100,000 times lighter than that. It could be used to build spacecrafts. Scientists associated with the mission had plans to build a tunnel through the lunar crust and mantle with thermonuclear explosives to reach the Moon’s core. However, this plan could not be fully implemented.


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