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Today: the nuclear lobby’s most charming new lie – ”energy independence”

I’ve often pointed out the prevailing lies about nuclear power. The big one is, of course:

No 1 ”Nuclear power has nothing to do with nuclear weapons”‘

Then – in order of current popularity:

  • nuclear power is essential to stop climate change
  • is clean, green
  • cheap
  • renewablw
  • safe
  • necessary for medicine
  • its toxic waste problem is solved
  • provides 1000s of clean gooid jobs
  • necessary for space research

There are probably more lies, but right now, I am fascinated with this fashionable new lie – that nuclear power is necessary for energy independence, national sovereignty – blah blah.

What an obvious outright lie! Perhaps the world will actually notice this one!

Sunshine, wind, tides – these forms of energy are truly national – going straight to the local technology. Nuclear is certainly not – starting from the need to import uranium, – going eventually to the likely need to dump te toxic waste onsome other poor sucker nation.


April 18, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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