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Global heating – the cure for the nuclear industry disease?

It’s very odd that the nuclear industry is pitching itself as the cure for climate change, when in fact, it’s the other way around.

I hardly know where to start!

But let’s begin with sea level rise. Current research forecasts dire consequences for Britain’s nuclear reactors, within a few years, as global heating brings up sea levels. That’s sea surges, very big waves, estuary flooding….

Then , paradoxically, there’s water shortages, as nuclear facilkities need heaps of cooling water – and that goes not just for reactors, but for dealing with uranium tailings, stopping tgem blowing away. Uranium mining takes heaps of water

There’s the dangers of wildfires, seen already in Russia – to reactors, and nuclear waste dumps.

There’s heat waves – requiring nuclear reactors to shut down – France is especially vulnerable, with mabny shutdowns already for this reason.

Extreme weather of all kinds poses threats – of damage, of loss of electricity to nuclear safety technology.

An awful lot of nuclear facilities are vulnerable to climate change – the sooner they are shut down, the better!


April 15, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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