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Russian soldiers in Chernobyl ‘picked up radioactive material with barehands’ and contaminated inside of plant

 Russian soldiers in Chernobyl ‘picked up radioactive material with bare
hands’ and contaminated inside of plant. The Russian soldiers’ disregard
for safety may have exposed them to potentially harmful doses of radiation.
Employees at the power plant have described how Russian soldiers, who
seized the plant for a month in late February, may have been exposed to
potentially harmful doses of radiation, which brings a high risk of cancer
and other health issues, even decades later.

One soldier is already reported to have died.
Drone footage released by the Ukrainian military
revealed that the soldiers dug trenches in the nearby Red Forest, to this
day one of the most radioactive places on earth at the site of one of the
world’s worst nuclear disasters. Journalists discovered food wrappings,
military gear and even a blackened cooking pot, suggesting the Russian
troops had spent an extended period of time in the trenches. Staff at the
Chernobyl Power Plant said the Russian soldiers contaminated the power
plant with radioactive material they carried back from the forest on their
Telegraph 9th April 2022

April 11, 2022 - Posted by | health, Ukraine

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