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Russian soldiers in Chernobyl ‘picked up radioactive material with barehands’ and contaminated inside of plant

 Russian soldiers in Chernobyl ‘picked up radioactive material with bare
hands’ and contaminated inside of plant. The Russian soldiers’ disregard
for safety may have exposed them to potentially harmful doses of radiation.
Employees at the power plant have described how Russian soldiers, who
seized the plant for a month in late February, may have been exposed to
potentially harmful doses of radiation, which brings a high risk of cancer
and other health issues, even decades later.

One soldier is already reported to have died.
Drone footage released by the Ukrainian military
revealed that the soldiers dug trenches in the nearby Red Forest, to this
day one of the most radioactive places on earth at the site of one of the
world’s worst nuclear disasters. Journalists discovered food wrappings,
military gear and even a blackened cooking pot, suggesting the Russian
troops had spent an extended period of time in the trenches. Staff at the
Chernobyl Power Plant said the Russian soldiers contaminated the power
plant with radioactive material they carried back from the forest on their
Telegraph 9th April 2022

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Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has hit back at the UK Government’s plans for new nuclear power plants

NICOLA Sturgeon has hit back at the UK Government’s plans for new
nuclear power plants after The National revealed the Tories were
considering building one in Scotland.

The First Minister said “nobody’s ever yet worked out what to do with the waste” generated by atomic power and said it was “expensive” compared with renewables. It comes after
The National revealed the Tories’ new energy strategy – which said no
new nuclear plants would be built in Scotland – contradicted current UK
Government policy which officials confirmed was still exploring the
possibility of a new site [for a Fusion reactor] in Ayrshire.

Speaking at the launch of the SNP’s Glasgow manifesto launch on Saturday, the First
Minister told reporters: “We don’t support new nuclear. “It is an
expensive form of energy compared to many renewable resources and,
increasingly, wind energy and nobody’s ever yet worked out what to do
with the waste from nuclear energy. “Scotland has vast renewable
potential – we see that in offshore wind. I think one of the missed
opportunities – for entirely political reasons – in the UK
Government’s was around onshore wind, failing to increase generation from
onshore wind.

“But we’ve also got vast offshore wind resources which we
see in the recent ScotWind auction round, so that’s where we should be
focusing. “From the perspective of securing energy, independence and
security but also cheaper energy bills in the longer-term renewables is
where we need to put our efforts and – pardon the pun – our energies
over the period ahead.” The National 9th April 2022

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UK Government should ‘impose’ energy projects on devolved nations says Conservative editor

UK Government should ‘impose’ energy projects on devolved nations says
Conservative editor. The UK Government should “impose” energy projects
on the devolved nations, a Conservative editor has said. Conservative Home
deputy editor Henry Hill was responding to the suggestion by Business
Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng that they should respect Wales and Scotland’s
devolved competencies.

Planning powers are devolved to Scotland, meaning
that they could block any new nuclear site. The Welsh Government has the
power to consent energy projects with a generating capacity of up to 350MW,
meaning that the power to give the go-ahead to a nuclear power plant is
reserved to Westminster. Kwasi Kwarteng said the nuclear reactors are being
planned for England and Wales, insisting there is “huge appetite” for
this “particularly in Wales”.

But he said: “We have no plans to
impose nuclear reactors in Scotland. It is a devolved affair, that is up to
people in Edinburgh to decide what their nuclear policy is.” But Henry
Hill said that “energy should not be evolved” saying that the UK
Government should not “give a veto” to those opposing their energy
plans. Nation Cymru 9th April 2022

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The Windscale nuclear accident 1957, and still not cleaned up. – a warning from history

Nuclear power: the warnings from history. The PM wants to keep the lights
on with eight new atomic plants. He’s in denial if he thinks the
catastrophes of the past won’t happen again.

If Johnson is going to use nuclear history to justify his strategy, perhaps he needs to look a little
deeper, because Windscale was also the site of one of the world’s first
serious nuclear accidents. In October 1957, a fire raged for three days in
one of the reactors after changes to increase production.

Through the heroism of staff, and a significant degree of luck, the catastrophe was
contained. But significant radiation was released. Milk from cows within
200 square miles was contaminated. In 1982 officials estimated 260 people
developed cancer and 32 people died as a result. The two first reactors at
Windscale were closed, but the clean-up is still under way today.

Last November the top of the chimney in which the fire blazed was removed as
part of the demolition. The renowned nuclear historian Serhii Plokhy
describes the episode in a forthcoming book and points out: “The existing
nuclear industry is an open-ended liability.” No nuclear power station
has ever been fully decommissioned.

In Atoms and Ashes, Plokhy, 64, a
Ukrainian historian at Harvard, explores the causes and consequences of
Windscale and five other nuclear accidents: at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific
in 1954, Kyshtym in Russia in 1957, Three Mile Island in the US in 1979,
Chernobyl in Ukraine in 1986 and Fukushima in Japan in 2011.While most of
these accidents took place in the formative years of nuclear science,
Plokhy argues they could easily happen again. “Technology was improved as
a result, and every accident contributed to the shaping of subsequent
safety procedures and culture,” he writes.

“And yet nuclear accidents
occur again and again. Many of the political, economic, social, and
cultural factors that led to the accidents of the past are still with us
today, making the nuclear industry vulnerable to repeating old mistakes in
new and unexpected ways.”

 Times 9th April 2022

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Iran MPs Set Conditions for Reviving 2015 Nuclear Deal amid Stalled Talks


Iranian lawmakers have set conditions for the revival of a 2015 nuclear pact, including legal guarantees approved by the U.S. Congress that Washington would not quit it, Iranian state media reported on Sunday.

Iran and the United States have engaged in indirect talks in Vienna over the past year to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers which then-U.S. President Donald Trump left in 2018 and Iran subsequently violated by ramping up its nuclear program.

Negotiations have now stalled as Tehran and Washington blame each other for failing to take the necessary political decisions to settle remaining issues……………………….

The lawmakers also said that “sanctions lifted under the reinstated pact should not be reimposed, and Iran should not be hit by new sanctions.”

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian said on Sunday U.S. President Joe Biden should issue executive orders to lift some sanctions on Iran to show his goodwill towards reviving the nuclear pact.

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Iran wants U.S. to show goodwill by lifting some sanctions prior to nuclear deal

Iran wants U.S. to show goodwill by lifting some sanctions prior to nuclear deal

Reuters,  DUBAI, (Reuters) 10 Apr 22, – U.S. President Joe Biden should lift some sanctions on Iran to show his goodwill towards reviving the international nuclear agreement with Tehran, Iran’s foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahian said on Sunday……… (Subscribers only)

Reporting by Dubai Newsroom; Editing by Angus MacSwan

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Ukraine: Russian troops took Radioactive ‘souvenirs’ from Chernobyl, says agency

Ukraine: Russian troops took Radioactive ‘souvenirs’ from Chernobyl, says agency

Looted Items likely taken by Russia from Chernobyl could cause radiation burns, sickness, and irreversible processes in the body, a Ukraine agency said.

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Workers evacuated from area of USA’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant nuclear waste repository after ‘abnormal event’ 

Workers evacuated from area of Carlsbad nuclear waste repository after ‘abnormal event’ Adrian Hedden

Carlsbad Current-Argus   An incident at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant nuclear waste repository near Carlsbad led to the evacuation of workers Saturday night from an area of the facility where waste is prepared for disposal.

The incident was reported at about 8:20 p.m. in the waste handling building.

As a drum of waste was being processed, liquid was found at the bottom of the container which tested positive for radioactive contamination, per a news release from WIPP officials. 

All personnel in the area were evacuated and tested for contamination, and operations were temporarily paused.  No radioactive contamination was found on any person or in the air as of 10 p.m., per the news release. 

Workers were not in the underground at the time of the incident, the release read. 

No radiation was released from the site, and there was no risk to the public, read the news release. 

WIPP’s Emergency Operations Center and Joint Information Center were activated at the Skeen-Whitlock building in Carlsbad to respond to the incident that occurred at the facility east of Carlsbad near the border of Eddy and Lea counties.

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In the UK’s energy plan, the nation has been sold a dud

 Jim Watson, director, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources: Britain was
promised a bold and visionary energy plan. But we’ve been sold a dud.
Does it deliver what it says on the tin?

The answer is straightforward. It fails. At the heart of most definitions of energy security is reliability
of supplies for households and businesses.  This is usually complemented by
a focus on affordability. 

The new strategy does very little to deal with the immediate impacts of high fossil fuel prices.
While the government has announced some help for households via loans and a
council tax reduction, this is simply not enough. The energy price cap has
already risen to almost £2,000 a year and a further rise is due in the

This comes on top of a wider cost of living crisis and high levels
of available, but the price is too high for businesses to
function or households to keep warm. While more money to help people pay
their bills is needed, this must be accompanied by action to prevent these
acute impacts in future. This means making homes more efficient and
switching away from fossil fuels for heating. It is nearly a decade since
effective policies for home energy efficiency were cancelled and replaced
with new approaches, such as the green deal, which have failed

As a result, the steady improvements in efficiency and
financial benefits to households have virtually stopped. A new programme of
home upgrades is urgently needed. This would not only reduce our dependence
on gas, but would also cut bills and carbon emissions.

According to many headlines, nuclear power is the “centrepiece” of the strategy. The
government’s plans are ambitious, but delivery will be difficult. New
nuclear plants will not have an impact for many years. The Treasury’s
fingerprints are visible in the careful caveats in the strategy, including
an insistence that new projects are “subject to a value for money and
relevant approvals”.

This reflects the long history of rising costs
within the nuclear sector, and the financial risks that consumers or
taxpayers will be exposed to.

In short, the government has pulled its
punches and avoided measures that would have a more immediate impact on
energy security – mainly by reducing the amount of energy we need to use.
Instead, it has produced a mixed bag of energy supply proposals. While some
are credible, a large nuclear power programme will require huge amounts of
political and financial capital. History suggests that this will be very
difficult to deliver.

 Guardian 9th April 2022

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April 10 Energy News — geoharvey

Opinion:  ¶ “Britain Was Promised A Bold And Visionary Energy Plan. But We’ve Been Sold A Dud” • The double threat of climate crisis and war requires an urgent response. The government supplied its energy security strategy, which includes eye-catching headlines, especially on expanding nuclear power. But it fails on immediate, pressing problems. [The Guardian] […]

April 10 Energy News — geoharvey

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