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IPCC new report coming, on limiting global heating

 UN scientists have worked through the weekend to complete a key report on
how to restrict the greenhouse gases that are warming the planet.

Members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are likely to advise a
rapid shift from fossil fuels over the next 8 years. They will also suggest
the widespread use of carbon removal technology to limit dangerous warming.
But disputes over the exact wording of the document have delayed agreement.

The IPCC is set to publish their findings on what we can do to stem climate
change on Monday. Most of the world’s leading researchers on climate change
are involved in the production of IPCC reports – their summaries of the
latest science, produced every six or seven years, are used by governments
in their negotiations on climate change, such as those that took place at
COP26 last November.

These IPCC reports are seen as the best, if slightly
conservative studies on the state of climate science. For the past two
weeks, IPCC scientists and government officials from all over the world
have been locked in a virtual approval session, going through this latest
report on how to stop climate change line by line.

This new study will be
the third of three important documents from the IPCC issued over the past
eight months. The previous two have looked at the causes and impacts of
climate change, but this one will focus on mitigation – or what we can do
to stop it. This essentially means that researchers will look at how we can
reduce the amount of warming gases that are emitted from human activities.
One key part of the summary report will detail what the world can do
between now and 2030 to limit heating.

 BBC 3rd April 2022

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