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War in Ukraine has produced a new energy crisis. Energy efficiency is the fastest way to address this.

 Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine is good reason to “crank with wartime
urgency” the mass insulation of buildings and deployment of renewables,
energy conservation pioneer Amory Lovins declares in an interview with the

“We have a new energy crisis, and efficiency is the largest,
cheapest, safest, cleanest, and fastest way to address it,” said Lovins,
chair emeritus of the Snowmass, Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Institute
(RMI) and adjunct professor of civil and environmental engineering at
Stanford University.

While new renewable technology usually gets more
attention, he added, the time has come to focus on the energy efficiency
measures that Lovins and others have been advocating for the last 50 years.
Lovins also happens to be the grandchild of 20th century Jewish immigrants.

from small villages in Ukraine. Most of his Ukrainian ancestors were
murdered by the Nazis in the infamous 1941 massacre of Tarashcha, which
resulted in the deaths of 14,000 Jewish Ukrainians. Eighty years later,
fossil fuels are underwriting further vicious loss of life. But in the
first two weeks of the war, western countries paid out €8 billion for oil
and gas purchases from Russia, he told the Guardian. 

The Energy Mix 27th March 2022

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