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We have a new energy crisis, and EFFICIENCY is the largest, cheapest, safest, cleanest and fastest way to address it.

 Energy efficiency’s time may have come. Amory Lovins is arguing for the
mass insulation of buildings alongside a vast acceleration of renewables.
“We should crank [them] up with wartime urgency. There should be far more
emphasis on efficiency,” he says.

He sees Vladimir Putin’s war inUkraine as an outrage, but possibly also a step towards solving the climatecrisis and a way to save trillions of dollars. “He has managed to bring
about all the outcomes that he most feared, but he may inadvertently have
put the energy transition and climate solutions into a higher gear.

He demolishes the technology with statistics. “In 2020 the world added 0.4
gigawatts more nuclear capacity than it retired, whilst the world added 278
gigawatts of renewables – that’s a 782-fold greater capacity.

Renewables swelled supply and displaced carbon as much every 38 hours as
nuclear did all year.

Where nuclear is cheap, renewables are cheaper still and efficiency is cheaper than that.
There is no new type or size or fuel cycle of reactor that will change this. Do the maths. It is game over.”

“Putin’s war is being financed by those who buy Russian fossil fuels.
In the first two weeks the west has paid €8bn to Russia. We have a new
energy crisis, and efficiency is the largest, cheapest, safest, cleanest
and fastest way to address it,” he says. 

Guardian 26th March 2022

March 28, 2022 - Posted by | 2 WORLD, ENERGY

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