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Nuclear news – it’s been a big week

Some bits of good news – Climate-resilient coral species offer hope for the world’s reefs           How China uses renewable energy to restore the desert   Solar-Powered Desalination Device is a Game-Changer: Requires Only Cheap Common Materials and Sunlight.

I’m sorry, people, but they’re putting it over us big-time, on the root causes of  the current Ukraine disaster.. This week, I am shocked at the propaganda blanketing all media .  Universally we are brainwashed with the depiction of Putin as an evil madman, and of the need to buy ever more weaponry from the big USA, UK and German corporations. No – Putin is not a nice man, and Yes, the attack on Ukraine is illegal , cruel and wrong.   

BUT – there is never a mention of genuine negotiation, which would accept Russia’s genuine cause to not be surrounded by NATO and its missiles, not have Ukraine as a NATO base.  There is no consideration of the plight of ethnic Russians in the Donbass area, nor of the existence of the Nazi faction in the Ukrainian side  And there’s the mindless repetition of lies about Crimea, where 87% turned out to make a 97% vote to rejoin Russia. President Biden is doing his best, I suppose, but can he hold out against the belligerent calls for an air war against Russia?

  Julian Assange denied permission to appeal   Lies leave the Assange case exposed – this is a political persecution.

Los Alamos Study Group outlines a clear solution to the Ukraine war. So many half-truths from Zelensky, and from the nuclear industry! The politics behind Ukraine’s alarming nuclear warnings. Western media trumpets blanket condemnation of Putin, without any consideration of the circumstances

Ukrainians will pay the price in suffering for long drawn-out USA’s proxy war on behalf of wealthy corporationsHypocritical cries of grief from weapons and other corporate businesses, as Western governments and media ramp up war fever.

Umm….. Are we the baddies?

Women leading the fight against climate changeNew IPCC Report Calls for Adapting Today to Ensure Tomorrow’s Climate Security .

 ‘Limited’ Tactical Nuclear Weapons Would Be Catastrophic. Markets are in denial about nuclear risk.

The importance of continuous cooling of nuclear spent fuel.

I was a nuclear missile operator. There have been more near-misses than the world knows.

Ukraine war fills Pentagon’s, NATO allies’ war chests.

UKRAINENuclear facilities targeted in Russia’s war on Ukraine. Video analysis reveals Russian attack on Ukrainian nuclear plant veered near disaster.

 Ukrainian military to blow up experimental nuclear reactor at Kharkov Institute. Russians fire at Kharkov Institute nuclear reactor. [two versions of the story]. Research reactor in Kharkiv has been completely destroyed. IAEA doubts that the attack on Kharkiv Institute was a serious radiation hazard. 

External electricity returned to Chernobyl.     Chernobyl workers still stranded at the power station. Chernobyl nuclear workers ”exhausted and desperate’‘. Fears are growing over nuclear safety atthe Chernobyl nuclear plant as staff remain hostage. Chernobyl’s radiation monitoring system has stopped sending readings to IAEA. What a Power Cutoff Could Mean for Chernobyl’s Nuclear Waste.      The dangers of uncontrolled releases of the vast amounts of radioactivity contained in the Ukrainian reactors and their unprotected fuel stores should not be underestimated. 

EUROPE.. NATO fighters integrate with U.S. nuclear-capable B-52s in Black Sea region . European Union won’t be including nuclear power in its plan to get off Russian gas. European countries report a rush in sales of iodine tablets, in fear of nuclear war. Nuclear option is not the best for transition away from Russian fuels. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) very anxious about Chernobyl nuclear situation. Former Yugoslav FM: U.S., NATO expansion root cause of Ukraine war.    EU military aid to Ukraine to exceed $1 billion.

RUSSIA. Russia prepared to stop war, if Ukraine agrees to conditions, including independence of Donbass areas. Russia’s disinformation machine, (and Trump’s, in USA).    Rosatom’s woes before and beyond the war: implications of Russia’s embattled nuclear industry.

SERBIA. Serbian parliament president: When Hitler entered Ukraine, the U.S. did not declare war. Serbia will not join NATO, will never forget bombing victims – president .

USA The US And Ukraine Have Every Reason To Lie About The War . Ukraine is a sacrificial pawn on the imperial chessboard. USA cheers Ukrainian fighters on, makes sure to keep Americans out of it.

JAPAN. Greenpeace statement on anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear accident. Japan’s power companies move to reduce plutonium stockpiles held overseasCourt rejects bid to suspend nuclear reactors in Takahama. Eleven years on and impact of Fukushima still felt in Japan.  Japan to finish radioactive soil transfer to interim storage site . Fukushima Workers Tell The Harrowing Story Of How They Tamed One Of The World’s Worst Nuclear Disasters.   Fukushima nuclear tragedy hovers over Japan and region 11 years after tsunami and accident.

GERMANY. German government concludes that it is unwise to extend the life of its remaining nuclear power stations.

UK.      UK love-in between Tories and Labour, on wasting billions of pounds on new nuclear reactors. Nuclear threat: Faslane, home to Trident, symbol of humanity’s power and folly.   UK’s Ministry of Defence called out for lobbying MPs on nuclear weapons. Investors keen on renewable energy, while UK govt is trapping consumers into paying upfront for nuclear power plants to be built in a decade or more, Hopes for Bradwell nuclear power station now fading away like the ebbing tide.

  Cumbrian campaigners’ strong opposition to nuclear waste dump in the Lake District. ‘‘Save the Severn Estuary’‘ fights to stop EDF dumping Hinkley Point’s nuclear mud into this Marine Protected Area. 

FRANCE. Macron government considering nationalising France’s debt-laden nuclear company EDF.  

AUSTRALIA. Morrison’s selected sites for nuclear submarine base were not the Defence Dept choices – and opposed by the local towns. Directors net $3.7 million in selling off their Paladin Energy uranium shares, then uranium stocks plummet. Scott Morrison has been urged to act over fears Australian uranium could be used to fuel Russia’s nuclear arsenal.


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  1. Belgium delays nuclear energy exit 10 years due to Ukraine war

    South Korea’s new president wants nuclear U-turn

    Comment by Norman | March 20, 2022 | Reply

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