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Nuclear Politics – theme for March 2022

Homo Sapiens (and I do mean Homo, not Femina) has always solved his relational problems by fighting, by war and the threat of war.

And it sorta worked, in a sorta way. (The meek, the ”weak” men had some success, setting up co-operative arrangements, like the United Nations). It’s turning out that the ”weak” ”sissy” men might just have a broader, more considered, intelligence that just might be essential for the survival of the species. Heck they might even welcome Femina in – likely to be a lot more sapiens.

In the current crisis – one thing is for sure – if it develops into a third world war – it will be a nuclear war. Probably now, only Russia accepts that it’s just fine to send thousands of men to their deaths, and even Russians might be getting sick of this old idea.

The new way is – press a button, from far away, and incinerate millions. Trouble is that might cause millions on your side also to be incinerated – heck – even the ones pressing the buttons.

A new politics must be found. Otherwise, at best, the species might be lucky enough to survive, and evolve into a bee or ant-like species, with males as just a tiny minority.


March 4, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's themes



    Monkey-mind-madness. Summoning Armageddon, for the sake of warmonger death cults. Like the crazy old scientist Parnell, in repo man, who admired the mx project of Jimmy Carter.
    MX icbms, were to be placed on railway cars in a loop in the western USA the idea was, so that no one knew, exactly where the icbms were.  Parnell also admired neutron bombs.
    No one will survive even a few tactical strikes. They need to open the old sanitarium system up again. They could give all the nuke monkeys in the Pentagon, MIC,  Congress and the white house, frontal lobotomies and put them there. Bombs for the sake of bombs

    Comment by Jon Turnbill | March 7, 2022 | Reply

  2. 35 percent of muricans, including repuklicans, support a No fly zone, in Ukraine. Such would ensure nuclear war. 35 percent of muricans ,were Nazi racist Republican, trump supporters too. Shows how stupid most Americans are . So many belong to death cults.

    Trump would have done the same thing in Ukraine with trillion nucmil budgets while destroying social security the VA the post office medicaid medicare etc. , which are in bad shape in many instances because of him and corporate fascist democrats.

    Comment by Terry Southards | March 23, 2022 | Reply

  3. Hedge funds, investment funds, invest money based on stability and growth. Growth is not sustainable. All the military industrial and nuclear bomb makers, are considered stable blue chip stock. Especially so w fossil fuel stock. Eventually there will be a nuclear tactical strike, worse climate crap from fossils. The stock market cannot grow forever that is just bullshit, diarrhea, hype propaganda. There can be more nuk reactor meltdowns. As much wishful thinking as neoliberal want to believe there will be a major stock crash or apocalyptic event. There can be financial and societal breakdown like the last great depression. Why can’t humans be sensible and plan things, instead of being greedy, crazy, savages.

    Comment by Cheryl Landry | March 23, 2022 | Reply

  4. Zachary Petrizzo (@ZTPetrizzo) Tweeted:
    The Daily Beast has obtained exclusive footage of the March 16th incident on the 14th St. bridge, where after a biker flipped off a truck driver with The People’s Convoy, the biker’s head was slammed into the ground — following truckers allegedly stealing his bike keys.

    Comment by Tamara Snow | March 26, 2022 | Reply

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