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Chief Hugh Akagi will present the case against having a CANDU-6 nuclear reactor on Peskotomuhkati land

Canada’s nuclear regulator starts hearings on Lepreau,  h

Chief Hugh Akagi says he’ll listen today and speak his mind this spring

Rachel Cave · CBC News · Jan 26, 2022  Chief Hugh Akagi says his 15 minutes is coming in May.

That will be his time to tell Canada’s Nuclear Safety Commission that he objects to having a CANDU-6 reactor on traditional Peskotomuhkati land.

“If anything goes wrong,” said Akagi, his voice trailing away as he contemplated the possibility of a nuclear accident. “Nuclear is being touted as green energy and I just do not feel that there is any compatibility there at all.”

Akagi will be speaking for the Passamaquoddy Recognition Group.

The organization has been granted $45,000 in federal funding to research and prepare a presentation that will take place this spring.

That’s part two of the licensing hearings that start today, as NB Power seeks approval to operate Lepreau for another 25 years.

N.B. Power will try to make the case that Lepreau has an outstanding record for safety and reliability.

There’s never been an industrial accident on site since it started operating in 1983.

However, the off-site emergency plan does raise the spectre of some devastating possibilities.

They include an active attacker on site, a hostile takeover of the control room, a potential aircraft impact, a credible bomb threat and the accidental release of radioactive material.

Akagi says he’s disturbed by the idea of having radioactive waste stored on site, and so close to the Bay of Fundy.

“This is one of the most productive ecosystems in the world,” said Akagi. .

“The damage… if anybody could imagine the damage. You’re sacrificing all the fish, the clams… everything would be gone.”

At 75, Akagi says he’s been before the CNSA at least three times before.

Most recently, he presented to the Commissioners in 2017, when the regulator agreed to a five-year renewal of Lepreau.  …………….


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