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Increased compensation for those damaged by nuclear accident – OECD

 The protocols to amend two international instruments that bolster the
compensation rights of those affected by nuclear energy accidents were
formally ratified in Paris on 17 December 2021 at the OECD headquarters by
all the Contracting Parties, except for Turkey who has approved the
ratification and will be depositing its instrument of ratification soon.

The Protocols to amend the Paris Convention on Third Party Liability in the
Field of Nuclear Energy and the Brussels Convention Supplementary to the
Paris Convention will enter into force on 1 January 2022. These revised
conventions combined ensure that those suffering damage resulting from an
accident in the nuclear energy sector will be able to seek more
compensation – the operator liability will be of at least EUR 700 million
under the Paris Convention and the public funds provided under the Brussels
Supplementary Convention will complement up to EUR 1.5 billion, a sharp
increase from the previous 5 million Special Drawing Rights (SDR)
(approximately EUR 6 million as of 13 December 2021) and SDR 125 million
(approximately EUR 155 million as of 13 December 2021) respectively.

The revised Paris Convention also provides now for a minimum of EUR 70 million
and EUR 80 million in case of accidents at low-risk installations and
during transport of nuclear substances, respectively.

 OECD-NEA 17th Dec 2021

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