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Small nuclear reactors lead the great mindless nuclear-war-mongering juggernaut – theme for December 21

The ”juggernaut” is an imaginary evil chariot, a giant, powerful, violent unstoppable force, crushing all in its path, (wrongly connected to a Hindu belief).

Of all the threats to our home planet, the only one to sustain life, only the nuclear threat could be stopped by human action. But human action is now dominated by the nuclear and weapons industry juggernaut– that ”military-industrial -complex” that controls big macho-men governments.

The mask of ”peaceful” nuclear power is off. If nuclear was ever useful for energy and climate – it is no longer.

So – what do the nuclear lobby wizards come up with?

Small nuclear reactors and the pretense that they could have any effect on climate. No, Virginia, their one and only use is to keep the nuclear industry alive. Thus the nuclear weapons industry can more easily pass their costs on to tax-payers, convince nuclear executives and workers that they’re doing something beneficial, and the rest of us – that governments are ”looking after us;”.

But governments are looking after the military-industrial complex, as it leads on to nuclear war, – on land, under the sea, and in space. And the small nuclear reactors are leading the war-mongering nuclear juggernaut

November 30, 2021 - Posted by | Christina's themes


  1. I think the fires will be worse next summer and, the hurricanes will be worse. Global climate change will be worse. The loser centrist Democratic party, will lose in 2022. The fascists will get in. They will gerrymander and redistrict themselves into permanent power. By 2024 when the deranged , evil stupid , madman is back in power. The whole of the United States, will be engulfed in wildfires floods, hurricanes and nuclear meltdowns. The demon Trump will do a death frenzy blood bath. He will probably use a tactical nuke. So irritational and barbaric. That’s the ways it’s going

    Comment by Terry Chapman | November 30, 2021 | Reply

  2. Hopefully I’ll be dead before Christmas

    Comment by ...... | December 6, 2021 | Reply

  3. USA, the earth killer

    Comment by Doug | December 8, 2021 | Reply


    Comment by ..... | December 9, 2021 | Reply

    • I do agree that miningawareness has for quite a long time now, moved way to the right. Here she(?) seems to be focussing on the pro Trump people in jail. Still – it is an interesting post, and it does sound like a book that is genuinely exposing cruelty and unfairness in the jail system.

      Comment by Christina Macpherson | December 9, 2021 | Reply

      • The USA has a 4 or 5 tiered jail system. Thee guards routinely beat and abuse disabled people, women and people of color. These white, violent traitors and fascists, have a cakewalk. The cops and guards aid and Anette killers like Rittenhouse.. the boogaloo boys, the proud boys, ex cop racist oathe keepers
        You have no idea, the brutality and injusticea of the american penal and jail systems long term inarceration o victimmless crimes. Itis a horrific Horrific racist bigoted nightmare. Once in never out except for the rich or whites. Massive privatized jails and prisons that corporations pay to get more inmates, and keep them longer. No ac. Slave labor. Little or no medical care. You are just dead wrong. Right wing fascist like these goons will get outandcheer more inhumanity. Disproportionately poor and people of color.

        So many mentally ill, abused, in the penal and jailq systems. Men and women, sexually assaulted. The cops in America have killed 7000 people in the past years, with imoor and people of color, with impunity. Mostly people of color. Medical treatment privatized and rationed. Disabled and mentally ill, in solitary. It is a violent, human rights, disgrace.
        These violent traitors and white supremacists get anything they want. They are get off or light sentences. Their rich benefactors take care of them in jail. Most are getting off with light sentences or probation.
        3.5 million disadavantaged people in the American jail system. There is systemic brutality and bigotry.
        Young people commiting suicide, that should have never been jail. You are just wrong.
        The facists, like these scum, want to make it worse. You are really, in right field Christina, too bad.

        Comment by .... | December 9, 2021

      • I am at a loss to understans why I am supposed to be ”in right field”. I am accustomed to being abused as far to the left. But no matter.

        Comment by Christina Macpherson | December 10, 2021

  5. They are al, violent, l white supremacists seitionist, coup plotters and murderers. They should all get a minimum of 10 years each. If they were black in the USA they would get life

    Comment by ...... | December 10, 2021 | Reply

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