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Christmas bonanza from USA tax-payers to the nuclear industry

Passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act last Monday had some nice things for nuclear energy. The overall Bill is a $1.2 trillion for everything from bridges and roads to the nation’s broadband, water and energy systems.

Nuclear got about $25 billion, distributed as:

– $3.2 billion (to FY2027) Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP);

$21.5 billion (to 2025) for an Office of Clean Energy Deonstrations in DOE including: $6 billion civil nuclear credit program to preserve the existing nuclear fleet and prevent premature shutdowns of nuclear power plants like Diablo Canyon pictured above;

$8 billion for clean hydrogen hubs,

……… $1 billion for demonstration projects in rural areas and $0.5 billion for demonstration projects in economically hard-hit communities

$0.5 billion for new clean energy demonstration on mine lands assistance for siting micro-reactors, small modular reactors, and advanced nuclear reactors in isolated communities

provides federal government authority to transfer real property for advanced reactor demonstrations and
authorizes longer term protections for intellectual property related to nuclear technology used in demonstrations changes to the DOE Loan Programmaking it more usable by reducing the credit subsidy costs that borrowers must pay.

 Forbes 23rd Nov 2021


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