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The only true purpose of small nuclear reactors- to promote the nuclear weapons industry, and hide its costs – theme for December 21.

Small Nuclear Reactors – the Big New Way – to get the public to fund the nuclear weapons industry

November 28, 2020

so-called “small nuclear reactors”

Downing Street told the Financial Times, which it faithfully reported, that it was “considering” £2 billion of taxpayers’ money to support “small nuclear reactors”

They are not small

The first thing to know about these beasts is that they are not small. 440MW? The plant at Wylfa (Anglesey, north Wales) was 460MW (it’s closed now). 440MW is bigger than all the Magnox type reactors except Wylfa and comparable to an Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor.

Only if military needs are driving this decision is it explicable.

”Clearly, the military need to maintain both reactor construction and operation skills and access to fissile materials will remain. I can well see the temptation for Defence Ministers to try to transfer this cost to civilian budgets,” 

Any nation’s defence budget in this day and age cannot afford a new generation of nuclear weapons. So it needs to pass the costs onto the energy sector.

How the UK’s secret defence policy is driving energy policy – with the public kept in the dark. BY DAVID THORPE / 13 OCTOBER 2020

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  1. from Terry Chapman. I think the fires will be worse next summer and, the hurricanes will be worse. Global climate change will be worse. The loser centrist Democratic party, will lose in 2022. The fascists will get in. They will gerrymander and redistrict themselves into permanent power. By 2024 when the deranged , evil stupid , madman is back in power. The whole of the United States, will be engulfed in wildfires floods, hurricanes and nuclear meltdowns. The demon Trump will do a death frenzy blood bath. He will probably use a tactical nuke. So irritational and barbaric. That’s the ways it’s going (comment transferred from a closed post)

    Comment by Christina Macpherson | November 30, 2021 | Reply

  2. Diablo’s Planet-Killing Nuke Insanity Keeps Escalating

    Comment by ,,,,,,, | December 31, 2021 | Reply

  3. These are the kind of sociopath dictators and cia operatives, cecalli helper or pia Jensen loves
    She hates democracy in Honduras
    Hates democracy in Venezuela, in bolivia, and Chile. She hates Cuba.
    She lies about USA, cia narco states in Columbia, el salvadore, Ecuador,
    She is a cia stooge

    Brazil, Amazon, World: Sociopathy vs Democracy –

    How CIA Plots Undermined African De-Colonization –

    Comment by ...... | December 31, 2021 | Reply

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