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Greenwashing Uncle Sam: A Summary of the Department of Defense Climate Adaptation Plan…

SM(Art) Bombs Comics

‘Greenwashing Uncle Sam’ is an original work by SM(Art) Bombs Comics (LRM21)

Update: I love riffing on old recruitment posters. This is a reference to the old “I Want You” Uncle Sam campaign. In this setting, Uncle Sam has been painted green and was given some cool sunglasses to appear more young and hip! Please read the next paragraph in your best impression of what Uncle Sam would sound like! To me, Uncle Sam sounds like an annoyingly loud infomercial guy.

Uncle Sam Says: “Nothing is Greener than the military, well maybe except for money and Lady Liberty, but Uncle Sam has a deal for you! Uncle Sam is such an expert at being green, that he wants to COLLABORATE with the public and private sectors over land use, natural resources, water, and power generation!
DoD has a shiny new AI tool that will take down all your metadata and…

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  1. There will be no end to glabal warming w the right in power
    There will be no end to glabal warming w the right, corporations and war pigs and fossil fuel pigs and nuclear pigs in power

    That is Because the right are global warming denialists They are procorporate DARWINIAN , police statists like in v is for vendetta. They are pro fossil fuels. Pro Wall Street greedy guts . Pro-military pigs
    The extreme right wants to destroy the world . And so they are profossil fuel, proglobal warming and pronuclear war
    A great deal of the global warming, is caused by massive radionuclides released into the environment. Radionuclides generate their own heat . Radionuclides poison the plankton and plants in the world that prevent global warming. No place to put the evil nuclear waste. Why live the big lie? Why Makes things worse. They resort to war and empirialism . They resort to repression, racism and bigotry and wars in places like Yemen and Ethiopia ,because they have no legs to stand on.
    Nuclear power and nuclear bomb making, are a big part of global warming. Why hide your head in the sand and, avoid the truth. Radionuclides also cause pyrophoricity that causes wildfires and makes them worse.
    Half of the USA was engulfed in wildfires last year, for heck sakes. This year it will be 75 percent and there will be 20 hurricanes ripping through the gulf coast, threatening to cause major nuclear accidents, that we cannot live with and temperatures so high, people can’t live along the gulf coast anymore . The gulf of Mexico is the most chemical, nuclear, and petroleum contaminated body of water in the world!
    The corporate media wants to continue the destruction and global warming and massive fossil fuel burning.–Mediia_Democrats_Elections-211109-490.html

    The oil companies will release 300 billion tons of greenhouse gasses and methane into the air in the next ten years by fracking for oil and gas in West Texas in the next 15 years

    The war machines generate 30 percent of the global burning and global warming.

    This is a funny video from Australia

    Things aren’t going to get any better. Unless their is a strong collective will for change and the government does not intervene and stop fossil fuel industries nuclear industries and start building and help building massive solar projects and renewables as they are in China ,. Northern Europe , Thailand and some countries in the middle East. And yet most Americans, are too stupid and greedy and evil, to do anything..they have pictures of fascist devil Trump on their back windows and worship him as the fascist second coming of Christ. Next year 75 percent of the USA will be on fire. There will be twice as many hurricanes. It’s already warmer than ever across the most of the USA. There are dengue fever outbreaks in the southern USA and middle East. Cancer rates and pestilence will start going up markedly, from all the carcinogens released into the environment, from the marked increase in wildfires.

    The continued lies of this culture

    The repression to keep the war machines and nuclear war machines going and, petroleum wars going is exemplified in the case of Julian assange. The evil bastard, big liar hitlerist, Trump promised he would free assange. Then his gang of war monsters, indicted assange and even plotted to assassinate assange. If Trump is returned to power it will be the end of the human race and life on Earth

    Comment by Katy summers | November 11, 2021 | Reply

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