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This week – nuclear and much climate news

Realistically, COP26 could never be a great success, because each nation represented there has the top priority  of ”winning” – furthering its own interest. Such a summit can never succeed until the prevailing view is for the general good – for the planet and all its peoples.
Also realistically, the world has made extraordinary progress over recent years, in recognising the integral connections between climate change,  biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. At COP26, some significant steps have been taken. Not a success, perhaps,  but not a complete failure, either.

Honest Australian Government Ad | COP26 Climate Summit.


CLIMATE   Extreme weather events now the new normal – State of the Climate report 2021. Global emissions to surge past pre-Covid, as world fails to grasp ‘green recovery’.

  COP26.   Progress report on Glasgow climate talks.  Positive announcements at COP26 do give some hope. Glasgow will not get close to pledges to halve emissions by 2030 – warming will shoot past 2°CProspects of limiting global heating to 1.8C on the basis of commitmentsmade at the Cop26 climate summit are, though good, only “a hypothesis”. Despite all the criticism, the COP climate process has made historic steps forward. Cop26 week one: the impression of progress – but not nearly enough. Nation after nation at Glasgow pledges to abandon use of coalRallies in Glasgow and Sydney call for ‘survival of humanity’ in face of climate change  .

 Few willing to change lifestyle to save the planet, climate survey finds.   What the most affected regions need from COP26 — The Earthbound Report The role of efficiency and smart grids in conserving energy.  Positive developments: rise in electric cars, ever cheaper renewables, moves towards energy efficiency. Solar and wind keep getting cheaper, and crush coal, gas and nuclear on costs: Lazard.

Entering the Absurdicene as the Anthropocene loses its relevance — Sustainability Bites

 Nuclear at COP26.  Nuclear power, fossil fuel companies represented at COP26 climate talks.  Nuclear industry pushing its spin and doing deals on the sidelines at COP26/  Nuclear workers’ unions want nuclear energy included as clean and sustain able. ‘No One Died From Radiation At Fukushima’: IAEA Boss Statement Met With Laughter At COP26 .

Billionaires Not Morally Qualified to Shape Civilization. The need to stop population growth,and the way to go about this.

USA and UK’s transparent persecution of Australian Julian Assange. Chris Hedges: The Assange case is the most important battle for press freedom in our time.

A supporter of nuclear power has second thoughts. You don’t need nuclear to get to net zero,’ says climate professor Jeffrey Sachs.

Pandora Papers: is the world’s biggest leak the world’s biggest cover-up?

”Deep fakes”: corruption of data has worrying implications for nuclear policy.

Entering the Absurdicene as the Anthropocene loses its relevance — Sustainability Bites

UN ”Code of Conduct” towards preventing arms race in space, but no treaty banning weapons in space.


Lies, lies and nuclear submarinesUK Astute class nuclear submarine visits Perth. Australia’s Foreign Minister off to South East Asian countries to try to soothe their worries about nuclear submarinesChina reprimands Australia on AUKUS and submarines that risk nuclear weapons proliferation, and make Australia target. US and UK must stop’: Chinese diplomat warns New Zealand audience of Australia’s nuclear ambitions. Foreign Minister Marise Payne to visit South-East Asia to ease fears over AUKUS, submarine plan. Few realistic options for Defence to fill its submarine ‘capability gap’ before new nuclear fleet. Tony Abbott wants Australia to buy second-hand ”retired” nuclear-powered submarines, for training purposes. 

 USA and UK’s transparent persecution of Australian Julian Assange.

JAPAN. Japan’s election gives reprieve for nuclear sector. Winning candidates at odds on the future of nuclear power. Fukushima farmers fear nuclear-tainted water’s impact on businessLake Close to Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Could Stay Radioactive For Another 20 Years.

EUROPE. A ”scientific disgrace” – a leaked document pushing nuclear and gas as sustainable will damage the EU’s credibilify on green finance. The EU Taxonomy is designed to identify which activities are green: it’s about science, not promoting business. International Thermonuclear Experimental (fusion) Reactor (ITER) will consume as much power as it will generate.

KAZAKHSTAN. Mohamed bin Zayed Receives Nazarbayev Prize for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World and Global Security.



CANADA. Canada’s Environment Minister refuses to declare his support for nuclear energy.

CHINA. China’s grandiose plans for nuclear build and export of reactors. China increasing its nuclear arsenal, but still far smaller than USA’s. China’s strategy in its nuclear weapons buildup.

FRANCE. Is it green, or forever toxic? France’s radioactive waste crisis. Nuclear rift at climate talks. French nuclear company pressing President Macron to declare nuclear power strategy. A close shave in 1999 with a flood at France’s Blayais nuclear power plant. A year after damaged by fire, French nuclear submarine has been repaired. Anxieties in Pays de la Loire over plan for small nuclear reactor. .

CZECH REPUBLICNew study throws gloom on hopes for future nuclear energy in Central Europe.

IRAN. Nuclear talks with world powers to resume on November 29. Austria Backs Result-Oriented Nuclear Talk. Can the Iran nuclear deal be saved?

TURKEYFire at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant.

PORTUGAL. Portugal’s success in cutting greenhouse emissions through its offshore floating wind and solar plants.

GERMANY. New Study: Electricity would already be Cheaper today with a Full Supplyof 100% Renewables. 

TAIWANESG  Environmental Social and Governance investing excludes nuclear power.

BANGLADESH. Nuclear power for Bangladesh – a long, very costly, very dangerous process.

SAUDI ARABIASaudi Arabian negotiators move to cripple COP26 – Greenpeace response

RUSSIA. Russian deputy UN  envoy supports China’s concern on AUKUS’ nuclear threat.  

AUSTRALIA. Australia at COP26 – a damaging presence. Australia’s credibility at a low point, with Scott Morrison’s lying and appalling performance at COP26. Nuclear submarines.  Australia’s very awkward nuclear embrace.


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