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Despite all the criticism, the COP climate process has made historic steps forward

The tidal wave of broadly positive announcements at the COP26 Climate
Summit this week has been met by a storm surge of molten hot media takes,
far too many of which have singularly failed to engage with the historic
significance of what might be happening in Glasgow.

For every potentially transformational net zero pledge, there have been naïve assessments of
whether or not any given announcement represents a ‘win’ for the UK hosts.
For each multi-billion dollar coal phase out plan, there have been
accusations of hypocritical virtue signalling, as if governments and
financiers seek to overhaul entire economies on a whim.

For all the evidence the Paris Agreement has catalysed an era-defining array of clean
tech innovations and a remarkable shift in public opinion, there have been
baseless arguments that the entire COP process is an exercise in futility.

We do not yet know how the denouement to the Glasgow Summit will play out.
But if the media allows the response to COP26 next week to be stripped of
context, shorn of nuance, and shaped by climate sceptic talking points,
then the efforts of thousands of people to deliver an historic step forward
in the global mission to avert climate disaster will have been done a grave

 Business Green 5th Nov 2021

November 8, 2021 - Posted by | 2 WORLD, climate change

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