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Nuclear power for Bangladesh – a long, very costly, very dangerous process.

 MV Ramana and Zia Mian: Bangladesh is on the way to having its first
nuclear power plant. Designed and being built by Russia at a cost of over
12 billion dollars, the Rooppur nuclear plant has been part of an
on-and-off planning process for six decades.

This sixty-year quest for constructing a reactor is blind to what has been learned over the same
period about nuclear energy.

It could take many more years before the plant
starts to produce any electricity. Intended to operate for sixty years,
electricity from this power plant will contribute to higher electricity
bills for Bangladeshi consumers for decades given the high cost of

The same amount of electricity could be had much cheaper and
much more quickly. Worse, for its sixty-year working life, and possibly for
longer, it will cast a shadow of a nuclear accident over the people of
Bangladesh, who will be forced to live with constant worry or try to just
forget. Even if an accident does not occur, the nuclear waste produced by
Rooppur will threaten people and nature for millennia with risk of
radioactive contamination. This is what it is now to be a nuclear-powered

 Sarbojonkotha 3rd Nov 2021

November 4, 2021 - Posted by | ASIA, politics

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