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Response to claims about China’s space aims

Response to claims about China’s space aims, by Michael Wong, 25 Oct 21
The claim –  ”US must build space superhighway before China stakes claims-Senior Space Force Officer.  From “Breaking Defense”:

Some quotes with falsehoods: 

  • “China fully intends to extend its “territoriality” to the Moon, flouting international law in exactly the same way as it has with regard to the South China Sea, Brig. Gen. John Olson, chief advisor to Space Force head Gen. Jay Raymond on mobilization and space logistics, asserted today.”   My comment: There is no evidence that China has any such intentions. China has not said anything like that, has not broken any international laws, nor taken any actions that are anywhere near as aggressive as US actions. 
  • “If you read their language, if you read their products — which I am a vigorous student of — if you look at what they do they telegraph everything that they’re going to do, they believe that the Moon is manifest destiny for them” and part of their “economic … and security equation,” Olson said.”  My comment: In the San Francisco Chinese community of which I’m a part, I have many political friends including scholars, retired elected officials, and others who are from Hong Kong, China, or Taiwan, are native Chinese speakers, and follow the news from China and Asia closely.  They have not reported any language, products, or anything else which implies that China believes the moon is “manifest destiny” for China.  Remember American lies about WMD in Iraq, incubator babies thrown on the floor in Kuwait, or the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” in Vietnam?  These are typical American lies to demonize a nation that the US decides to attack, and justify increased US defense money.  
  • “The officer drew a direct line between how Beijing has ignored a World Court ruling on a sovereignty dispute with the Philippines in the South China Sea to how Chinese leaders could act in space, without regard to the prohibitions of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty (OST.)”  My comment: Check out this 11 minute video from a US Marine veteran living in Thailand, which breaks down this whole distorted narrative about China and the South China Sea:
  • “…US military space leaders more and more openly paint China as an aggressor in space, with goals of not just world but galactic domination.”  My comment: “…galactic domination???”  Come on, Washington, have you any idea how big the galaxy is? Do you really think China intends to dominate it?  What is it with you guys?  We hippies were the ones doing LSD in the ’60’s, why are you guys the ones hallucinating now? 

Bottom line, it’s all about the money and American domination of the world.  To get more and more of the US national budget, the military industrial complex needs an enemy to justify their existence.  And they project their mindset onto the Chinese, who are a completely different nation and culture, and who simply don’t think like Washington (if you want to read a longer article on the mindset of the Chinese, here’s my take on it: ). 

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