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Chris Busby on the truth about black rain, radiation and cancer

the major cause of cancer in the low and medium dose groups (0-100mSv) in the Hiroshima lifespan study was not the immediate radiation from the detonation, the external gamma radiation and neutrons, but was in fact exposure to Uranium 234 particles from the bomb itself which rained out over the city in the black rain. Torrential black rain fell over the city and surrounding areas from 30 minutes to several hours after the atomic explosion.

Hiroshima Black Rain and the Test Veterans,     Chris Busby, 13th Sept 2021
    The absolute key study of the effects of radiation on cancer risk is the Lifespan Study (LSS) of the survivors of the Hiroshima bomb. It provides the evidence used by the Secretary of State for Defence (the MoD) to refuse pensions in all the UK Test Vet cases. Groups were assembled in 1952 some 7 years after the bomb and divided into high, medium and low doses on the basis of their distance from Ground Zero, with a No Dose group consisting of those who were outside the City and came in later. They were thrown out in 1973 as using them as a control gave too many cancers. This study continues today and the risks of different cancers after exposures are obtained from the excess risk of any type of cancer in each dose group. The risk factors for cancer which are currently the basis for all laws relating to exposure are based on this study. You have to get a Dose of about 1000mSv to get a 40% excess risk of cancer on the basis of the LSS results. Naturally, since no Test veteran got anywhere near this dose, all the pension applications (and appeals) are refused.

But on Sept 9th a scientific report I wrote was published in the peer-reviewed Journal Cancer Investigations. My paper The Hiroshima A-Bomb black rain and the lifespan study—a resolution of the Enigma shows that the LSS was dishonestly manipulated and that its results are totally unsafe. It spells the end of the radiation risk model and the beginning of justice for the test veterans. How?

What it shows, is that the major cause of cancer in the low and medium dose groups (0-100mSv) in the Hiroshima lifespan study was not the immediate radiation from the detonation, the external gamma radiation and neutrons, but was in fact exposure to Uranium 234 particles from the bomb itself which rained out over the city in the black rain. Torrential black rain fell over the city and surrounding areas from 30 minutes to several hours after the atomic explosion. Doses from the inhalation and ingestion of the Uranium particles in the black rain were very low. Since the Christmas Island vets were also exposed to rainout after the bombs, they are in the same category of victims as the Hiroshima low dose LSS victims (<5mSv). The Japanese government lost a court case in July on this issue, one which it will not appeal. Those living in the black rain areas who developed cancer will get compensation and attention in the same way as those who received an external dose from the detonation, even though the black rain victims’ dose was zero. The separation of external radiation from internal in terms of risk also shows that the types of cancers believed in the model to result from radiation must also be reassessed.

Of course, the MoD knew all this. It is the biggest secret of all, since it supports everything nuclear: bombs, energy, naval propulsion, Depleted Uranium, winnable nuclear war and raises the issue of enormous amounts of compensation. It had to be kept out. In 2013, during the run-up to the big test veteran appeal in the Royal Courts of Justice, I obtained from the late Major Alan Batchelor in Australia an official British document which was submitted to the Australian National Commission test vet hearings. It listed the quantity of Uranium isotopes in the Enriched Uranium used by the British in their bombs. I also had obtained a copy (when I was advising Rosenblatts in 2009 in the Foskett case) of a memo from 1953 on the dangers of Uranium 234 at the test sites. But these documents were suddenly made subject to the Official Secrets Act.

In 2013 after Rosenblatts had pulled out, Hogan Lovells removed all my 4 years of evidence and reports, 12 documents, and also removed me from the case without consulting any of the veterans they represented. In 2014 Judge Charles in the Upper Tier ruled that I could not act as an expert witness (I was biased) and anything I had written or argued previously had to be ignored. I neatly reverted from expert to representative and argued in 2016 before Judge Blake in the RCJ that the exposure of interest at Christmas Island was to Uranium from the material of the bomb. We flew in Professor Shoji Sawada all the way from Japan to make the same point. But Blake either ignored him or pretended to. In Blake’s final judgement he wrote:

14. . .it is submitted that prolonged exposure to radiation by inhalation or ingestion of radioactive particles deposited on the land or in the sea off CI is a real possibility. . .

15. In the appeals relating to Messrs Battersby and Smith Dr Busby, on their behalf, advances a more radical submission that the guidance issued by the International Commission on Radiological Protection in the UK and EU is flawed and underestimates the risk to health from internal exposure to radiation, and in particular radiation from Uranium.

What the new paper shows, is that we were exactly right and Blakes judgement exactly wrong; he listened to the experts brought in by the MoD, who did not (or they say they were told by MoD lawyer Adam Heppinstall) not to address our experts or their evidence; to keep the evidence out. The Scots Upper Tier has now reversed the Charles decision on my expertise, Judge DJ May QC calling it “Unlawful”. The British Tribunals, however, ignore the Scottish UT decision and persist in keeping my evidence out.

The Lifespan Study was dishonestly manipulated to provide support for the continued radioactive contamination of the environment by atmospheric bomb testing. The evidence is that this stitch-up has resulted in the biggest public health scandal in human history. The internal radiation effects on the children born at the peak period, 1959-63 caused genetic damage, infant deaths and the cancer epidemic which began in 1980. The effect is also in the children and grandchildren as new data clearly show. My study of the BNTVA also found a 10-fold congenital malformation rate in the children and 9-fold in the grandchildren. The Black Rain paper proves that the risk model that permitted this is wildly wrong. For those who are interested, read the paper: it is easy to understand. Then get angry and do something.

Meanwhile, I do what I can: I have two test vet cases ongoing: Trevor Butler and Christopher Donne, and also a Nuclear submarine sailor in Scotland who died from lymphoma. Here I am up against twisty Adam Heppinstall once more. He has begun, in true style, by removing all our evidence from the Bundle.

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  1. On 1 November 2006, Alexander litvinenko suddenly fell ill. On 3 November, he was admitted to Barnet General Hospital in London. He was then moved to University College Hospital for intensive care. His illness, was later attributed to poisoning with radionuclide polonium-210 after the Health Protection Agency found it in his body . It does not take much to kill . Polonium 210,  and all fallout poisons, are the most poisonous substances on earth. Far worse than hemlock , nerve gas or insecticides, or even  poisonous snakes .
    The small  amounts of the rare and highly toxic element,  in Alexander’s body were easy to detect. Only a millionth of an ounce in his body. He lost all of his hair, after the second day in the hospital. His body was covered in sores after the 4 th day. He was vomiting blood , body tissue and blind after the sixth day. He died in the second week,while in excruciating pain.
    Litvinenko was murdered in the most brutal way possible, by Russian operatives. It’s all over the internet. It is not a lie..
    The nucleo apes try to cover this up, all the time. They try to confuse the difference between gamma rays or radiation and rad emitting, radionuclides to do their sleight of, hand, bs propaganda.  It’s not the radiation that is so toxic. Propaganda aholes like art robinson, try to confuse people. They do not talk about the substances that give off the radiation and are a million times more poisonous, than anything known. They use sleight of hand and talk about radiation itself.
    Just a few bursts of x-rays won’t necessarily hurt you. It’s the fallout, people that is the most lethal. 

    The poisons released by the bomb explosions, that are so incredibly deadly. Fallout poisons that can kill instantly or, stay in your body and destroy it over time.

    Cesium 137 will kill u, in a matter of minutes.   If you ingest 50 millionths of a gram of it it will fry u from the inside out like i131 that they is to ablate thyroids glands.  People can’t even be  around more than 3 grams of those two evil substances. . They would have to have lead treated sealed suits with special visers.  
    Even when the cesium is in water or heavily diluted it gives off heat . Cesium127 gives off heat, when it’s in water and causes things to glow blue.
    The nucleoapes like rod Adams, just lie their buns off about it.
    That small amount needed to kill quickly  is the same, for most all concentrated,radionuclide fallout substances. This is true  with small amounts, of concentrated  radionuclides poisons, not visible to the human eye  .  Much More deadly than the Same amounts of sarin, or  lsd or fentanyl but, lad and fentanyl, are drugs that do not always kill.

    This poor  man litvinenko,  was given the fallout poison ,  polonium . He was given or injected with a millionth of an ounce. He died the most excruciating death possible.
    The poison ate him from the inside out over a period of 2 weeks
    Most fallout poisons are manmade . They did not exist on the earth , until 75 years ago
    They synthesized them , from making nuclear bombs. Cesium 137, plutonium 235,  cobolt 60, polonium 210.
    I saw a man die quickly , once from exposure to 15 grams of cesium 137. For 5 minutes. Had a diver friend who was fried by it and his partner killed by it, from exposure to 30 gms cs137, 50 feet under water;

    I saw a video, where they they injected plutonium in a small room. The room was sealed with lead and leaded glass but it was full of plutonium residue, that dried and went into the air that the dogs breathed. The plutonium in the air killed the dogs. Not the injected plutonium.  There  was only about 100 milliiionths of a gram in the air in the room with the dogs  . All 10 dogs got lung cancer in two weeks of the exposure.

    We have all seen pictures , of the hundreds of thousands of kids born with birth defects from fallout poison.  So much thyroid disease did not exist in the USA, until they started making the radionuclide fallout poisons and, exploding bombs that disseminated the poisons all over the earth.

    If any of that nuclear waste,  ever catches fire or the drums break all over the USA and world, people  will have to be evacuated from the area immediately. Stuff dumped in the ocean is diluted, so you can’t see the death immediately but if an old Russian sudp.       . That guy in the video you sent me , is  so full of crap.
    There are diseases that did not exist, before the mad scientist made radionuclide poisons. made that stuff and there is a thousand times more cancer now.
    They are the worst mutagens known . Almost all astronauts that went into space and were exposed to high doses of radiation, now have cataracts, malformed hearts, and.or cancer . Space travel is a lie also. People get sick  from the intense amounts of radiation there. We are insulated  by air , water vapor in the air and magnetic fields from space radiation. Lol

    Babies born without limbs, their brains exposed, no eyes all from iodine131 or plutonium or neptunium, or americium or anyone of hundreds, of radionuclide poisons,that got in their mothers bodies.
    No feet. Born with cancer all over inside their bodies.
    Downs. syndrome, fragile x sydrome , sterility breast and ovarian cancer in women . Skin cancer. Half the Lung cancer pacreatic cancer in the USA is from radionuclide poisons.
    Santa Fe has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world from the elevation and radionuclides there. Same for pancreatic cancer. I know it because I made chemotherapy for cancer patients, in Los Alamos and Santa Fe. The government and a lot of doctors just lie about it.

    There were never such high rates of heritable syndromes, thyroid cancers, Chernobyl heart, and more , before the advent of the bomb and nuclear.. It is the undoing ,of the human race.

    Comment by Stop the nucleoapes | October 7, 2021 | Reply

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