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For a clean nuclear-free climate – theme for September 21

I’m afraid that we’re kidding ourselves, if we think that we can do any more than to slow the onset of climate change. “Disruptive impacts from climate change are now inevitable”. Jem Bendell, A British Professor of Sustainability now says that nothing in our civilization is sustainable.  The emphasis must now also be on adaptation to climate change. Elizabeth May, Leader of Canada’s Green Party, has recently stressed, on Radio Ecoshock,   that not only grandchildren, and later generations will be affected, but today’s children will experience the social, and health disruptions of climate change.

The Power of One Green – Elizabeth May in 2018

As for the nuclear threat – it’s no wonder that the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock stays now at 2 minutes to midnight, with aggressive leaders like Trump and Putin, with weapons’ companies and military brass salivating about new, advanced weapons, even space warfare.

Still, nations continue to sign up to the U.N. Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. It’s a start.

For the “peaceful” nuclear industry – the good news is that it’s becoming  a failing economic disaster. It would die a faster death, if it were not so valuable to the nuclear weapons industry.   Colossal waste problems in USA, Japan, UK, are stalling plans for new reactors . Russia and China are not publicly divulging information on their wastes, but both are keen to export nuclear technology, rather than develop it at home.

The nuclear industry continues its lies about nuclear solving climate change -lies that are mindlessly regurgitated by the mainstream media. Media also faithfully parrot the promises of “new nukes” – the “Generation IV” nuclear designs that do not yet exist, and would be prohibitively expensive, requiring huge tax-payer subsidies..

Stilll, good people continue to do good things. And, we just can’t afford to give up hope – as Greta Thunberg tells us “Look for action – then the hope will come”

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  1. Reblogged this on jpratt27.

    Comment by John | December 31, 2018 | Reply

  2. Just to make it a bit more inappropriate, in the words of a divine tyrant.

    “All who walk my Earth, know this only law: that which I have made, I too can take away.”

    Comment by Frank Labuschagne | January 1, 2019 | Reply

  3. Well, I didn’t know where to link this or if it’s been mentioned, but I find this rather absurd and quite telling.

    Russian Arctic shipping to be regulated by Rosatom:

    Comment by Frank Labuschagne | January 3, 2019 | Reply

    • Well, thanks, Frank, for this link. Will use it later. 42 degrees Celsius here today – holidays – sort of

      I think it’s hilarious – talk about putting Dracula in charge of the Blood Bank

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | January 4, 2019 | Reply

      • Well, I do agree with you about Bill/Melinda Gates being overrated sociopaths who would generally attempt to degenerate others, particularly those not quite as afflicted as them.

        Comment by Frank Labuschagne | January 5, 2019

      • Oh sorry, I meant to reply to Allen., but I’m a bit of a retard.

        Comment by Frank Labuschagne | January 5, 2019

  4. It is ironic with Bill Gates. Heritable autism is skyrocketing in the 21st century, especially since fukushima. It started rising dramatically, in the 60s, after open air nuclear bomb testing.
    It is quite well known that Gates is aspergers and, his kids attended a special school in the University District in Seattle, for kids on the spectrum.
    So here we are, with Gates betting the life of the planet on the most dangerous, salt cooled nuclear death traps ever. A Nuclear Reactor design that has never worked. He expects the American people to subsidize the criminal endeavor

    Comment by Allen Kemper | January 4, 2019 | Reply

    • I think it is too much of a stretch to connect Fukushima with autism. Perhaps autism has been with us for a very long time, but only now is it being diagnosed.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | January 5, 2019 | Reply

      • There u would be wrong. Did not say fulushima specifically. The atomic age brought a flood of radioactive waste into the environment from bomb testing, bomb building, reactors, fuel waste etc etc. It has grown progressively worse. At its current rate of growth 1 in two will be heriyably autistic by 2038. The conspiracy nuts want to blame it on vaccines. Vaccines do not cause chromosome breaks or enzyme system mutations that are heritable. People can harbor their conformational and personal biases go with the brainwashing yet autisim doubled after nuclear bomb testing and started growing exponentially in the united states in the 70s

        Comment by Allen Kemper | January 5, 2019

      • I know of no reputable science that has found radioactive waste etc to cause autism.

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | January 7, 2019

      • I know of no reputable science that finds nuclear waste to be the cause of autism

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | January 7, 2019

      • The legacy of organophosphates described in a few words. It’s got radioactive stuff in it, it’s generally toxic, chemical warfare. There, that’s used to cultivate your food. Trust me, GBS and myelitis stuff? Nothing like polio, no relation to that. Definitely doesn’t have other lymphatic, endocrine or mental developmental consequences.

        Comment by Frank Labuschagne | January 6, 2019

  5. Richard Nixon wanted to build 1000 GE, fukushima-style reactors, in the US by 2000.

    If they had followed through with Nixon’s Plans
    there would have been 5 or 10 fukushima type meltdowns by 1995.

    There would have been millions of tons of high level and low level nuclwar waste, in the USA by 1995.

    Multiple meltdowns and Multiple Fuel pool fires would have destroyed the USA. Massive amounts of high-level nuclear waste everywhere . No reasonable plans for disposal. Thanks to nuclear activists like Harvey Wasserman and Helen Caldicott Nixon’s suicidal plans were not hatched

    Comment by nick hashimoto | January 6, 2019 | Reply

    • There are no so called reputable studies associated with radioclides and cancers so keep up your conformational and personal bias stupid christina. There are many studies on radionuclides and birth defects and autism, too especially phenotype autisms caused by chromosome mutations like fragile x and others trisoies.. The nuleoapes say there were no casualties at fukushima or Chernobyl. They say the birth defects at Fallujah were not from depleted uranium. U r obviously controlled opposition. Why bother to read these stupid blogs anymore. Little personal insight except beacons of light like Dr. Busby. You are simply ridiculous. Perhaps u have let the the drunken drug addict-troll from the other dumn conspiracy sights take u over. The real grass roots folks that work for public citizen are Harrassed while the conspiracy nuts, controlled opposition and political extremists have hijacked it all on the phony internet. Too bad

      Comment by Doug | January 8, 2019 | Reply

  6. This is the worst conspiracy gibberish garbage possible . it is from yur buddy Frank. Frankie is an infamous internet troll that has been kicked of numerous blogs and sites for its chicanery.

    Frank Labuschagne on January 1, 2019 at 1:32 pm
    Trump has been fairly difficult to analyze, but his Luciferian tendencies are obvious enough (even if mostly sycophantic). I mean, I can’t say I’m a fan of Trump, but Bill Gates has more of that Archon thing with him, seemingly. And I mean, I’ve been hunting those for a while.

    If u keep publishing this crap u stand to lose half the audience and important contributors

    Comment by Doug | January 9, 2019 | Reply

    • Dear oh dear – and here was I, thinking that you were a supporter of my work.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | January 9, 2019 | Reply

      • You flatter yourself christina. I spent 10 years getting a nuclear waste pile removed and a nuclear reactor closed. I was also arrested at Yucca mountain, with a number of other antinuclear activists. I have a close relative that has fragile x autism from nuclear and u think u do so much, and know so much. Things are just getting worse. Most are topically involved or simply playing games. It is getting very late. When the smart asses and posers get sick or have a loved one get sick some of them suddenly wakeup. Is that what it will take? When most life is gone and there is not enough of anything or anyone to stop it?

        Comment by Doug | January 9, 2019

  7. The Nuclear Bomb Makers at Alamogordo, were very Reluctant to detonate the first nuclear bomb made at Los Alamos by them and Oppenheimer in the early 1940s. They were afraid the Nuclear Bomb would set the atmosphere on Fire.

    There is much more, of the most poisonous substances, in all parts of the environment now. Wildfires across the USA are burning 10s of thousands of the most poisonous, substances known to man that has been, biocumulated in the burned  trees. Organic, heavy metals, pesticides, radionuclides, halogens, and more.
    3 years ago, I said there would be, twice as many wild fires, as there were in the previous year, in the USA. . I’m a toxicologist. I said the wildfires, would be spreading out further across the USA, in the next year, in 2019. I said wildfires would infiltrate suburban and, city areas in the next year after that, by 2020, that had never experienced wildfires, and they did.
    Wildfires occured IN Phoenix AND BY IT’S Palo Verde, NUCLEAR REACTORS in 2020. Valley fever and chagas are worse epidemics than the pandemic because of all the shit in the air from pollution, wildfires, and global heating

    Wildfires occured all over California, Oregon , and Nevada.

    Wildfires occured in Las Vegas Nevada, parleys canyon and city canyon Utah. There were wildfires in the humid east last year and, the year before that. Smoke In eastern cities.
    A year ago, I said wildfires would be twice as big as the previous years . I said wildfires, would infiltrate places, never seen before. They did . There were the largest wildfires ever seen, in the core of the largest mountain groups in the USA in Colorado and Utah. They made way for flash flooding, that disrupted local economies this same year in large areas in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado.
    There are multiple and widespread annual and perenial wildfires, in Nuclear Catastrophe zones and human nuclear manufacturing zones, in the world. This has been occuring for at least the last 40 years.
    Chernobyl, mayak, Hanford, Los Alamos, Fukushima, France, Kazakhstan, n Africa, Santa Susana, Los Alamos, Inl, white sands, Nevada, Colorado operation Dune Buggy, by nuclear reactors, Siberia in west china, in Pakistan, in Israel.
    The radioactive reservation and Nuclear Catastrophe zones fires, spread pyrophoric and extremely poisonous radionuclides further out .
    There are mini-nuclear catastrophes, occuring again and again, throughout the world and a lot in the USA, at least semiannually.

    All radionuclides are pyrophoric. A great deal of the physical damage, from nuke detonations, comes not only from radiation and emitter fallout, there a firestorms.
    Incredibly murderous firestorms that burn bpeople alive. The very large firestorm from a nuclear blast, are directly caused by relatively small amounts of the most pyrophoric substances known, plutonium.

    Plutonium from the rocky mountain plutonium pit plant built in the 60s, pryophorically burned and contaminated Denver Colorado, in the 60s, 70s and eighties. They just lie about all the cancer and birth defects that eco-genocide caused, in the major city of Denver. Why would the build anything so evil, so close to a major city? Cheap labor. People too stupid to say or do anything. Kristen Iversen, documents her her live in the Arvada area, as the nuclear genocide unfolded, and she she discover more about the nightmarish, consequences of the plutonium pits fires at rocky flasta, in Denver, Colorado. Kristen Iversen’s book is, Full Body Load
    Uranium is a by-product of Nuke bomb, blasts. Uranium is used for it’s pyrophoric properties, in all munitions in the USA wild fires.

    Inl  or Idaho National Laboratory, is  the most radionuclide concentrated area, on the planet . There have been 3 reactor meltdowns at Idaho National laboratory , over the past 75 years, like the salt reactor meltdowns at Santa Susana, north of Los Angeles. There are multiple fildfires by Santa Susana every couple of years .
    And Bill Gates wants to build a big salt reactor in Wyoming, at tax payers expense. Bill gates is the worst criminal, oligarch-psychopath, in history!

    The Fukushima and Chernobyl evacuation areas are the most regular pyrophoric radionuclide spreaders on earth, from annual and perennial, radionuclide induced, wildfires in the evacuation zones..

    Idaho National laboratory, is where small and large navy reactors are and, have been built. There are multiple types of nuclear reactors at inl. Idaho National Laboratory  has 50 nuclear reactors and has had 100 reactors there over time. . Inl has  as many nuclear reactors, as all of Japan in that small 100000, acre area in south east Idaho. The wildfires usually go much further and spread lethal, carcinogenic , mutagenic, fallout all over the USA .
    The last INL wildfire by Idaho Falls, at INL in SE Idaho, was a monster 100,000 acres in 2019. My doctor friend at the Pocatello haspital said there was a dramatic increase in miscarriages and cancer after the 2019 INL fires. you will not see epidemiological studies of this for the same reason, you see bogus studies of Fukushima and chernobyl and though millions have died as Drs Caldicott , busby, dr miller and many others have noted. It is because the United States of America, is a nuclear terrorist state . The World Health Organization, WHO, is controlled by the USA

    Many of the reactors at Idaho national laboratory,  are smaller but, they are also some of the most dangerous nuclear reactors known. Sodium reactors, breeder reactors, plutonium reactors etc . .

    Inl has the most concentrated area of nuclear waste, in the world!
    Nuclear catastrophe,  occured at Idaho national laboratory in 2019 that burned 100,000 acres and contaminated the western USA.
    BLM officials discuss wildfire issues IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – Local fire management officers are preparing for an above average fire season this year. Wildfires have a huge impact on lands across the Gem State every year.
    -IAFF Local 83
    Search domain
    -INL, BLM officials discuss wildfire issues IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – Local fire management officers are preparing for an above average fire season this year.
    -Wildfires have a huge impact on lands across the Gem State every year. Over the last 10 years, wildfires have burned more than 790,000 acres in southeast Idaho.

    -INL firefighters prepare for potentially high wildfire …
    -The largest fire in recent years was the 2010 Jefferson Fire, which burned over 100,000 acres, and the last major fire was 2012’s Midway Fire, which consumed more than 8,000 acres.
    -This summer, INL has already experienced three wildland fires, the largest involving over 80 acres.
    Preparations for INL’s 2020 fire season underway – INL
    -Search domain inl.gov
    Fire is a fact of life on the Snake River Plain, the land on which INL sits, and the memory of 2019’s Sheep Fire, the largest in the Site’s history, is fresh in everyone’s minds. Over 120 firefighters from 15 different regional agencies were involved in bringing the 2019 INL Sheep Fire under control with no injuries.
    INL blaze breaks record for wildfires in area | News …
    -Search domain
    -IDAHO FALLS — A wildfire that started near the gates of the Idaho National Laboratory at 2 p.m. Tuesday has grown into the single largest blaze in INL history, covering a total of 109,000 acres …

    The united states will be so contaminated, from radionuclides from wildfires, heat from climate change, wild fire poisons, wildfire destruction, nuclear fires and breakdowns that the country will not exist. It is not happening slowly till 2050 u dorks, IT IS HAPPENING NOW. IN 5 YEARS THERE WILL BE NOTHING! I cannot get this published on OEN , or anywhere. It is because humans are stupid and evil. It is because evil, old baby boomers don’t give a shit . From Chris Floyd empire burlesque:

    “The US is ruled by very, very old, very, very rich people whose guiding principle is “Apres moi, le deluge.” They do not give a shit about global warming. If they don’t start a planet-poisoning nuclear war with China, before they crawl off to the graveyard, I would be very surprised.
    The USA will burn down, faster than it is, as things go the same and denial goes on. ”

    Dogs around los Alamos national plutonium pit manufacturung laboratory, only live to be 4 to 5 years old. There is the highest incidence of lung, skin, pancreatic cancer, in the world there. I worked with cancer patients for a year, there. Los Alamos Plutonium Pit Factory, is right by Santa Fe, New Mexico, the capital of New Mexico. People suffer from diseases there, that don’t exist in other places. Diseasesike dissolving esophaguses that is related to pharyngeal cancer. What else would you expect, at an evil deathhole, Like Los Alamos, New Mexico? Pharyngeal Cancer is one of the highest incidence cancers, for workers in Fukushima. Right up there, with the hundreds of children, who have developed thyroid cancers, who are from Fukushima the children have develop cancers, since the ongoing-Fukushima tragedy occured, in 2011.
    There is plutonium and americium in the water table at Los Alamos, New Mexico.
    Wipp, on the other side of the state, is worse. It is where they store all the unused and scrap plutonium, from the Los Alamos Plutonium Pit Factory. Massive amounts of plutonium are stored at The salt dome by Carlsbad NM. Dozens of tons of the most dangerous, poisonous radioctive death element on earth. A millionth of a gram kills hundreds of people the pyrophoric plutonium at WIPP was foolishly mixed with Lilly litter, by the cheap, Crooked East Indian Contractor, that is responsible for plutonium burial at WIPP. wIPP has caught fire and exploded several timesit will continue to do so, till the end of time.
    New Mexico Nuclear Activists Brainstorm on How to Stop LANL, WIPP Expansion – Taos Enviro Film Festival – NH #530 – Nuclear Hotseat

    No one talks about radionuclide pyrophoricity. There have been perennial wild fires, around radioactive sieves like Hanford, Mayak, Los Alamos, Fukushima, Santa Susana, Chernobyl, and the Idaho national laboratory, for years.

    There have been and are, worldwide, expansive wild fires, “On All major continents.” They are burning trees, that have accumulated pyrophoric nuclear fallout, over the past 75 years. Bomb detonation-fallout, Chernobyl, Fukushima and all the other meltdowns . There is radioactive ☢️ fallout in the environment you do not know about!
    Radionuclides, from covered-up, radionuclide catastrophes, they lie about and lie about.The extremely toxic radionucleides, are going back into our food supply, air, and water. It is going into the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink. It is making climate change, much worse.
    The wild fire areas, are doubling in ferocity and breadth every year. There are, wildfires adjacent to major cities and in towns.
    The first rainstorm ever recorded, has occured at the.summit of Greenlands largest glacier.

    There are probably only 5 years left for humans on earth.
    I was in a mountain valley, after a 9000 acre wild fire struck there, this summer. The heart of the rocky mountains on fire, leading to paralyzing floods in mountain valleys, from the loss of the trees, that keep soil and water in the mountains..
    House flies are impacted and largely gone in the valley I was in, whereas there are usually significant housefly problems , in the summer. Fly reproduction cycles are the most vulnerable, to radionuclide mutation and toxicity.
    There were 4 hummingbirds coming to the feeders in the spring and beginning of the summer. No hummingbirds for 2 months
    People simply ignore it. It is getting far worse than this pandemic. Soon systems will fail in a juggernaut of collapse. There is other pestilence that is out of hand. People won’t be able to breath or survive because of the heat and smoke. How stupid humans are. Many insect and bees are already gone. A mass of insane deluded, gluttonous, evil-monkeys.

    27 Years Later, Radiation Still Hides Out in Chernobyl’s Trees (Fukushima’s Too) | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

    radionuclides in trees fukushima – Google Scholar

    radionuclides in trees fukushima – Google Scholar

    Pyrophoric Radioactive Cesium Can Burn In Air and Explode Underwater Just Like Radioactive Depleted Uranium, Hafnium, Thorium, Plutonium, Cerium, Neptunium, Sodium, Plutonium, Radioactive Lead, Cesium 137, Strontium 90
    Can Burn In Air and Explode Underwater Just Like Radioactive Depleted Uranium, Hafnium, Thorium, Plutonium, Cerium, Neptunium, Sodium, Plutonium, Radioactive Lead, Cesium 137, Strontium 90
    Pyrophoric Radioactive Cesium Can Burn In Air and Explode Underwater Just Like Radioactive Depleted Uranium, Hafnium, Thorium, Plutonium, Cerium, Neptunium, Sodium, Plutonium, Radioactive Lead, Cesium 137, Strontium 90

    Can metals burn underwater? Can metals burn in air, with no ignition source? The answer is a definite yes, that there are multiple metals that can and have been known to do both of the above given the opportunity and right circumstances. Many of the most toxic, radioactive and deadly dangerous man made artificial elements created by the nuclear industry are pyrophoric.

    The nuclear monopoly wants to keep this information secret, because if the general population ever found out how dangerous, toxic and deadly, plus explosively pyrophoric poisonous are, any of these man-made, artificial, nuclear scientist created elements, really are, the entire nuclear monopoly would be shut down


    Wikipedia; “A pyrophoric substance (from Greek: πυροφόρος, pyrophoros, ‘fire-bearing’) is a substance that ignites spontaneously in air at or below 54 °C (129 °F) (for gases) or within 5 minutes after coming into contact with air (for liquids and solids).[1] Examples are iron sulfide and many reactive metals including plutonium and uranium, when powdered or thinly sliced. Pyrophoric materials are often water-reactive as well and will ignite when they contact water or humid air. They can be handled safely in atmospheres of argon or (with a few exceptions) nitrogen. Class D fire extinguishers are capable of dealing with pyrophoric fires

    Comment by ...... | September 13, 2021 | Reply

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