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Nuclear Regulatory Commission finds cable issues in special inspection of Vogtle Unit 3

Nuclear Regulatory Commission finds cable issues in special inspection of Vogtle Unit 3,  Augusta Chronicle Abraham Kenmore, 27 Aug 21, The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission has finished its special inspection of the Plant Vogtle Unit 3 expansion. The report found several preliminary issues with how cables had been installed during the construction of the new nuclear power facility.

“The NRC inspectors found that Southern Nuclear did not adequately separate safety and non-safety-related cables for reactor coolant pumps and equipment designed to safely shut down the reactor,” according to a press release sent with the report. “They also found instances where the company did not identify and report construction quality issues related to the safety-related electrical raceway system and enter them into its corrective action program.”

Southern Nuclear, the company in charge of construction, can choose to accept the results of the inspection or provide additional information before a final determination is reached. Unit 3 currently has no fuel loaded into the reactor and the press release makes it clear there is no increased risk to the public from the safety issues. Southern Company will not be allowed to operate the reactor until construction is finished to standards………

August 30, 2021 - Posted by | safety, USA

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