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Nuclear news: week to 24 August

As the Afghanistan crisis continues, many writers consider the underlying causes of the USA’s prolonged wars, and reveal the staggering profits made by the weapons-making corporations. From the corporate point of view, the 20 year war has been a great success.

Coronavirus:more than 212.1 million cases of COVID-19  The reported global death toll stood at more than 4.4 million.  The Delta variant puts  a strain on health systems. Several countries struggle, with lockdowns needed – Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand.  Case numbers rise in France. Debates go on about child vaccination, mandatory vaccination, and booster doses of vaccine.

ClimateGlobal heating and its effects, extreme weather events keep on. The IPCC Report finds we will cross the 1.5C warming  danger line in the 2030’s, pretty well no matter what we do. 

NUCLEAR, Very quietly indeed – you could easily miss this, – come two positive events for the nuclear-free movement; exclusion of nuclear from the Green Zone at COP26, and USA’s nuclear regulator rejecting the push to weaken radiation safety standards. 

Some bits of good news:  What went right this week: how we saved Earth before, plus more positive news,  Australia’s ‘healing journey’.

USA’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission affirms that a little ionising radiation may be bad for health.

Nuclear lobby miserable, but Friends of the Earth relieved, that nuclear industry is excluded from the Green Zone at COP26 Climate Summit.

The tie between climate change and nuclear weapons.

Action on climate change is stalled by unwise spending on small nuclear reactors.

Frozen conflicts and forever warsWikiLeaks and the Crimes of the West in Afghanistan.

Renewables are beating nuclear,

Bill Gates and the corporates behind the fake solutions to climate change. Arnie Gundersen writes to Bill Gates – about public funding for Gates’ false Natrium nuclear solution to climate change.    

 Why Cosmic Radiation Could Foil Plans for Farming on Mars.

IRAN. Biden’s Iran envoy calls nuclear deal’s fate ‘one big question mark”Russia, Germany, hope efforts to save Iran nuclear deal will be continued — Putin.     Iran Foreign Ministry defends latest nuclear measures.

JAPAN. Safety review of reactor at Tsuruga nuclear plant halted over data tamperingRadioactive snakes may monitor Fukushima fallout. 5.2-magnitude quake strikes off Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture, no tsunami warning issued .

CANADA. Canada’s nuclear reactors may not be fit for service. The final costly burden of Ontaria’s nuclear decommissioning will fall to the great-grandchildren of babies born in 2021.



CHINA. The health and environmental costs of China’s nuclear bomb tests,

FRANCE. France’s oldest nuclear reactors allowed to operate for another decade. France returns high level nuclear waste to Germany (What happens to it then?)

SOUTH  AFRICA. South Africa’s Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) opposes plan for new nuclear power.

SOUTH KOREANuclear Weapons in South Korea? Not So Fringe Anymore.

PHILIPPINES. An expert explains that the Philippines’ nuclear power plant would be OK, but solar power would be faster and better.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. No apology from France, as new report reveals the harm done to Pacific islands by atomic bomb tests.

POLANDOpposition to nuclear power plants in Poland.

IRAQ. Iraq needs energy, but nuclear power is not the answer.

RUSSIA. Russian nuclear power plants insured for $27 billion

AUSTRALIA. Australia’s participation in America’s wars. Was it worth it?     Little chance for genuine community consultation on Napandee nuclear waste dump decision.


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