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On the positive side – heading for a better and a nuclear-free, world – theme for September 21

It’s time to recognise the positive developments – towards a clean and more just world. And time to turn away from the corporate spin of the polluters and nuclear lobbyists.

The the world is finally realising the urgency of the existential threat of global heating. Meanwhile the polluting corporative partners, fossil fuel and nuclear industries, now redouble their spin to the public,

And, don’t let’s forget, most of the mainstream media is owned by corporations that also have interests in those polluting industries.

We need to acknowledge the good stuff that’s happening. We also need to turn our attention to those independent voices – the ones who seek out and explain both the facts about the dirty industries, and the positive developments leaving those industries behind.

Great work is being done towards energy conservation, and truly clean energy technologies, and environmental protection. On this page, I’m confining the story to the work of the nuclear-free movement .

Starting out with opposition to nuclear weapons, the movement broadened to opposing the nuclear industry as a whole.  Major anti-nuclear groups include Sortir du Nucleaire, Greenpeace International, Campaign for Nuclear DisarmamentFriends of the EarthGreenpeace Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear WarPeace Action and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service. International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, Ploughshares Fund

There are many others across the world, including in Russia and China.

You might think that the nuclear-free movement has failed, especially given the proliferation of nuclear weapons. But the organised protests and work of the movement has had, and continues to have, some success. Most countries do not have nuclear power. Several advanced countries remain opposed to nuclear power – Australia, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Norway . Over the decades, activist movements have led to the stopping of atmospheric nuclear bomb tests, and the prevention of nunerous nuclear power projects.

Importantly, nuclear energy has been excluded from the Green Zone at the COP26 Climate Summit.

Also importantly , the USA Nuclear Regulatory Commision reaffirms the standard that low dose ionising radiation is bad for your health, and rejects the nuclear industry’s petition to weaken that standad.

The work continues, with the most important recent development – the UN Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons . Nuclear weapons and nuclear power are in lockstep – a fact quite openly acknowledged now, even boasted about, by the industry.

The nuclear-free movement works alongside the clean energy movement. On the world stage, the challenge is to keep real climate action in the COP26 climate conference in November, without nuclear. Locally, the clean fight is fought by communities around the world, especially indigenous people, who are always the victims of nuclear bomb tests and waste dumping.

Most mainstream writers, and some academics, are caught up in the pro nuclear spin.

Look for the fine writers who really seek the truth, A few examples – M.V. Ramana, Helen Caldicott, Jim Green, Mary OLson, Gordon Edwards Alice Slater Arnie Gundersen, Libbe Halevy, Diesendorf, Mark , Beatrice Fihn, Lovins, Amory B. Eric_Schlosser and for song – Caitlin Johnstone………

You will note that women are prominent in the truth-seeking writers. They have been dramatically absent from the push for nuclear weapons, (though a few women are now ostentatiously promoted by the desperate nuclear industry)

This little website has a very small readership. But we are still here, and trust our readers to spread the information. And we will keep on promoting the work of the honest seekers after truth, through this site, and via my weekly email newsletter.

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  1. The conservative: liberal democratic party-hacks in Japan, that are in power, will tell u that nuclear energy, is the cleanest, safest, energy in the world! They will tell u that, with a straight face. That is, after the worst nuclear accident and industrial accident, the world has ever seen. Something that is destroying Japanese  society, and  has killed thousands or more people, already. Fukushima fallout-mishandling, will cause dangerous damage to the Japanese genome, as time goes on.
    The equivalent of more than a thousand nuclear bombs!
    Fukushima fissioning cores, cannot be cleaned up or contained, like chernobyl.

    It is  hundreds of times worse than Chernobyl. Tokyo and
    Yokohama are poisoned. 40 million people.
    They are growing worse! Japanese people and society are being destroyed! People cannot, even get into the hospital, who are sick and dying or, who have covid.
    People can never go back, to the evacuation zone of Fukushima!

    The lies and coverup,  to the people of Japan are unimaginably-delusional and monstrous . The stupid commentators and ordinary people, in the rest of the world eat it up.

    They eat it up, like the Nazi-maga , q anon maniacs, in america eat up, the psychotic, trump lies.

    The western USA is on on fire. The southern usa and gulf of Mexico states are so hot, people can’t work to support themselves or. People do not have safe places to live because, their air conditioning breaks or will not provide enough relief, from the heat.
    That is the southern usa reality now. 2021 will be looked upon  as the benchmark to the precipitous and tortuous changes in the USA from global heating.

    The  hurricane, are getting much worse from climate change, in the east usa and south usa, where most of the usas nuclear plants are. Half a million houses were lost to hurricane Harvey 4 years ago. The bad hurricanes don’t occur every 20 years or, 10 years or, 5 years are anymore. They occurs every year now.

    New Orleans, is in ruins again. A nuclear reactor, tripped and, almost blew-up in Louisiana.

    The guy, trump put into power, in the post office, Louis Dejoy, to stop mail in voting, during covid, is destroying the United States post office  People can’t even get their tax stuff or checks, or important legal documents. This is  because, the trump pig, dejoy, is purposely slowing the mail . Dejoy is destroying the USPS, while getting hundreds of millions of sweetheart deals from his private shipping company’s and from private shippers.

    Biden isn’t firing dejoy, the corrupt trump appointed criminal.

    If trump would have stayed in power, there would be a nuclear war by now from him and Israel using a tactical nuke on iran

    There would be millions dead, from covid millions of more people old people , young people who cannot afford the outrageous 100 to 3000 a month rents for craphole 2 bedroom pts across the usa.

    Elderly, and young working poor, payed minimum wage would be homeless. More people who cannot afford medical bills would be homeless.

      Working poor-families, disabled people, people recovering from Covid, are being more and more,  pushed into the streets. It is getting worse but, it would be catastrophic under maniac trump.
    He tried to destroy, social security. Trump, was the process of destroying food stamps for working poor families. Affordable rentals, section 8, assisted rent properties, HUD and USDA properties werbeing Dismantled by trump in a time of mushrooming unaffordable rent and mushrooming homlessness. More essential programs being gutted by the heartless, evil-cretin trump and his racist, bigoted lackeys.
    Trumps fascist goons, would have just started murdering poor people, homeless people AND black people, in grotesque blood baths, like Nazi Germany if he had stayed in power.

    The USA is already a rotten mess.  Religious white trash Americans and, middle class American idiots vote to cut off their nose to spite their faces. 
    Fools, who get social security and govt pensions voted for trump and want him back, in power.

    Medicare is not very good in america Medicaid is a joke, for health care providers.

    Almost all private insurance is  terrible, except maybe the 5000 dollar amounts most premium insurance that most people cannot afford. People wonder why some other people, don’t trust vaccinations in the USA. They wonder why people,  don’t trust our medical system.

    If the neoliberal governements, institute vaccine-passports and the like, the republicans will seize on it further, to keep people from voting . It will be used to kill the poor, by keeping them from going to supermarkets to get food or, even go to food pantrys or to see any doctors. The rich and middle class will have no probs with getting vaccine registrations and passports. What an evil, dark world the humans have created. The cruel ironies.

    Comment by Dave Vargo | September 3, 2021 | Reply

    • Outrageous 1000 to 3000 dollar a month rents. It is across the usa now . 1000 dollars to 3000 dollars for studios or single bedroom hovels, trailers, shitholes studios, ghettos . It started with the banker bailout , bush rpuklicans the housing crisis and bailouts of 2008. They wonder why the economies are coming apart . They wonder why here are so many homeless ,young and old, and young struggling families. Shitty 1 and 2 bedroom houses for hundreds of thousands or million dollar mcmansions that I one can afford or even begin to get mortgages

      Comment by Anonymous1 | September 25, 2021 | Reply

  2. Neptunium, Radioactive – Health Effects,%20Radioactive&identifierType=name&menuItemId=62&catId=83

    Neptunium premates nuclear waste as a gas . It is all exceeding poisonous and mutagenic. Neptunium is particularly murderous because, it works a gas and, permeates areas where there is nuclear waste

    Comment by Anonymous one | September 5, 2021 | Reply

  3. America will probably be broken down and in a state of absolute chaos, from homelessness, ecocide, reactors blowing up, global.heating, economic meltdown, political breakdown-violence-insanity, right-wing genocide and civil uprising. It will also be broken down by economic breakdown from people not being able to work because, of the heat and chaos. It will also be broken down by Stock market fraud. By Militaryism fraud.
    It will happen by the time stupid-evil insane, trump runs in 2024 and wins. He will win through the same voter suppression Hitler used. The world will be blown to smithereens by tactical and conventional nuclear war by the evil suko the clown and americas demented psychopaths and corporate leaders within 3 months of him taking office a monstrous sadistic blood bath will ensue in that 3 months period of him taking office again as well. That is how degenerated america, developed countries are, except maybe Germany, which is antinuclear.

    I saw an article on your blog about a University of utah atmospheric hack, scientist denying global wildfire increasing of world pollution CO2 impacts and global heating. He said there has always been 30 percent of the world having wildfires going on in the world. First of all there are only 30 percent of the forests left in the world in the past 40 years, from human exploitation and canibalism. Especially in south american rain forests.
    He said the smoke from the wildfires cools the earth from am unresearched global cooling model of smokes that does not take into account global heating from radionuclides and other chemicals from wildfires that go into the atmosphere. He doesn’t even talk about the radionuclides, and aerosols and gabage wildfires generate, from all the radium, plastics chemical pollution , pesticide pollution, heavy metal pollution unburned aromatic and midchained hcs to that trees have biocumulated in the last 100 years when there are not widespread wildfires across the American continents. Human impacts cause wildfires in America as well. Americans, brazillians, eoropeans, Chinese, Russians. have put measurable amounts of these things into the environment and trees. No one measures it. None of that is studied. Tetraethyl.lead one of the worst pollutants possible, is still used in cars in 90 percent of the world . It continues to be used in all airplane engines. In America as well.

    He says CO2 from the wild fires just blow off and dissipate. Utter nonsense because a lot that CO2 floats up higher. What a propaganda monger. Why do u publish such crap?

    Comment by Terry Hernandez | September 6, 2021 | Reply

  4. TherE is much more, of most poisonous substances, in all parts of the environment now. Wildfires across the USA are burning 10s of thousands of the most moisonous, substances known to man biocumulate in the trees, that are burning.. Organic, heavy metals, pesticides, radionuclides, halogens, and more.
    3 years ago I said there would be, twice as many wild fires as there were in the previous year, in the USa. I said they would be spreading out further across the USA, in the next year. I said wildfires would infiltrate suburban and, city areas in the next year, that had never experienced wildfires, and they did. Wildfires occured IN Phoenix AND BY ITS NUCLEAR REACTORS, IN California, Oregon , Las Vegas Nevada, parleys canyon and city canyon Utah. There were wildfires in the humid in east last year and the year before that. Smoke In eastern cities.
    A year ago, I said wildfires would be twice as big as the previous years . I SSID WILDFIRES would infiltrate places, never seen before. They did . There were the largest wildfires ever seen, in the core of the largest mountain groups in the USA in Colorado and Utah. They made way for flash flooding, that disrupted local economies this same year.
    They have annual and perenial wildfires in Nuclear Catastrophe zones and human nuclear manufacturing zones in the world. This has been occuring for at least the last 40 years.
    Q Chernobyl, mayak, Hanford, Los Alamos, Fukushima, France, Kazakhstan, n Africa, Santa Susana, Los Alamos, Inl, white sands, Nevada, Colorado operation Dune Buggy, by nuclear reactors, Siberia in west china, in Pakistan, in Israel.
    The radioactive reservation and Nuclear Catastrophe zones, fires spread pyrophoric and extremely poisonous radionuclides further out .
    There are mini nuclear catastrophes occuring again and again throughout the world and a lot in the USA at least semiannually.

    All radionuclides are pyrophoric. As great deal of the physical damage from nuke detonations comes not only from radiation and emittir fallout , but massive amounts of firestorm from a nuclear blast, are directly caused by relatively small amounts of the most pyrophoric substances known, plutonium that pryophorically burned and contaminated Denver Colorado in the 60s, 70s and eighties.Uranium that is used for it’s pyrophoric properties in all munitions in the USA wild fires.
    Inl is tone of the most radionuclide concentrated areas on the planet . There have been 3 reactor meltdowns at Idaho National laboratory es , over the past 75 years like the salt reactor meltdowns at Santa Susana, north of Los Angeles. There are multiple fildfires by Santa Susana every couple of years .
    Inl, is where small and large navy reactors are and have been built. There are multiple types of nuclear reactors at inl. iNL has 50 nuclear reactors at inl. Inl.has as many nyclear reactors as all of Japan in that small rea . Many of them are smaller but they are also some of the most dangerous nuclear reactors known. . Inl has the most concentrated area of nuclear waste in the world.
    Nuclear catastrophe occured at Idaho national laboratory in 2019 that burned 100,000 acres and contaminated the western USA.

    -BLM officials discuss wildfire issues IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – Local fire management officers are preparing for an above average fire season this year. Wildfires have a huge impact on lands across the Gem State every year. Over the last 10 years, wildfires have burned more than 790,000 acres in southeast Idaho.
    IAFF Local 83
    Search domain
    INL, BLM officials discuss wildfire issues IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – Local fire management officers are preparing for an above average fire season this year. Wildfires have a huge impact on lands across the Gem State every year. Over the last 10 years, wildfires have burned more than 790,000 acres in southeast Idaho.

    INL firefighters prepare for potentially high wildfire …
    The largest fire in recent years was the 2010 Jefferson Fire, which burned over 100,000 acres, and the last major fire was 2012’s Midway Fire, which consumed more than 8,000 acres. This summer, INL has already experienced three wildland fires, the largest involving over 80 acres.
    Preparations for INL’s 2020 fire season underway – INL
    Search domain inl.gov
    Fire is a fact of life on the Snake River Plain, the land on which INL sits, and the memory of 2019’s Sheep Fire, the largest in the Site’s history, is fresh in everyone’s minds. Over 120 firefighters from 15 different regional agencies were involved in bringing the 2019 Sheep Fire under control with no injuries.
    INL blaze breaks record for wildfires in area | News …
    Search domain rexburgstandardjournal.com
    IDAHO FALLS — A wildfire that started near the gates of the Idaho National Laboratory at 2 p.m. Tuesday has grown into the single largest blaze in INL history, covering a total of 109,000 acres …

    The united states will be so contaminateD from radionuclides from wildfires, heat from climate change, wild fires, wildfire poisons, nuclear fires and breakdowns that the country will not exist. It is not happening slowly till 2050 u dorks IT IS HAPPENING NOW. IN 5 YEARS THERE WILL BE NOTHING! I cannot get this published on OEN , or anywhere. It is because humans are stupid and evil. It is because evil.old baby boomers don’t give a shit . From Chris Floyd empire burlesque

    “The US is ruled by very, very old, very, very rich people whose guiding principle is “Apres moi, le deluge.”  They do not give a shit about global warming. If they don’t start a planet-poisoning nuclear war with China, before they crawl off to the graveyard, I would be very surprised.
    The USA will burn down, faster than it is, as things go the same and denial goes on.  “

    Comment by ,,...... | September 11, 2021 | Reply

  5. Kurt Vonnegut
    The Great Depression was going on, so that the station and the streets teemed with homeless people, just as they do today. The newspapers were full of stories of worker layoffs and farm foreclosures and bank failures, just as they are today. All that has changed, in my opinion, is that, thanks to television, we can hide a Great Depression. We may even be hiding a Third World War. – Kurt Vonnegut

    A friend said his power bill went, from 77 dollars in July to 300 dollars because he bought 2 more fans and another air conditioner, so he could survive in July, he had a heart attack last week, from the ungodly humidity and heat in Mississippi . At no time did anything occur to me, about how hot and uncomfortable things were getting till the hurricanes came and, ac was destroyed. People dropping like flys from heat stroke. Businesses closed.

    I am becoming more aware that the Covid thing, is possibly a smoke screen for economic and climate collapse, that will not happen in 50 years, or 20 years, or 5 years. It is happening now! Like a 10 pronged, grapes of wrath. And the corporations, as usual come first for the bailouts. Like the great bank bailouts of 2008.

    The vaccine and covid sensationalism  is   probably  a concerted smoke-screen to cover, for  climate change events that are now occuring and severe economic trouble . People are dying from hurricanes that are occuring lol.. every week and heat stroke.
    Human workers cannot survive w 94 percent humidity and 90 degree tempsso long

    Burger king , the grocery stores, jack in the crack, Cajun and Mexican restaurants, bbq, McDonald’s , restaurants all closed from ac gone bad or too much humidity. Workers sent home . Oh but the govt says thats not supposed to happen for 50 years lol. I see it w my own eyes..

    300 people died of heat stroke last week in Louisiana. They died,  from the grid being down from hurricane Ida. Ida affected us too. The water here is not drinkable. I have had diarrhea for 4 days from bad water here from hurricane Nicholas that hit last week.

    Half of this town is abandoned and there are caravans leaving the gulf coast of Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. It is  worse that the great depression. The media and government are not even talking about it or they are lying about it.

    I saw the Mountains of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and new mexico on fire last summer . The huge wildfires, in the Colorado Rockies backbone of USA western mountainns. Meanwhile the same shit was happening in momntana Oregon, idaho, Alaska, california. Boy, what a wakeup call that was!

    Elon musk, the conman is busy selling his Sirens of Titan,  Mars rides!
    Outer space travel, is just bullshit. It always was. Elon is just a crook. Any astronaut at nasa, will tell u, that they have had cancer. They will tell you that the  radioactive shit in space will kill u in 2 weeks. Houston to earth, please wake-up!

      Many people are packing up. It is like the last depression . Tthe dust bowls the heat the shit economies. The death disease and famine. The homelessness. The evil of people forced to be moving out to nowhere like , in Steinbeck’s grapes of wrath. No job security can’t pay rents shit healthcare.
    Bidens answer to the economic and climate catastrophe is to build more nuclear bombs and nuke subs to threaten china. Nuclear subs with reactors. Nuke subs are Mini nuke reactors that can blowup anytime sending a 1000 nuke bomb fallout equivalents into the environment. They will be in Australia’s harbors, for no good reason but death destruction, and evil greed. Each sub reactor we and sub with nuke missiles is the equiv of thousands of Hiroshima bombs when they explode or something goes wrong there no place to put the cancer causing , murderous nuke waste.used to make them run them and that exists when the are decommissioned.
    The politicians are cutting off medicaid in southern states. Kids getting paid chickenfeed, no decent health insurance, taxed to death . Exorbitant rents. Young people , getting worked to death. As soon as I clear this trailer space off,  I can only pray that I can get in a stick built apt where I can survive a little longer.

    Many people in America are just living in their own little bubbles now. Brainwashed by  thousands of lines, of internet misinformation, religious bullshit, patriotic jingoism, and streams of media propaganda.

    Trump demonized the Chinese. He wanted to use a tactical nuke on iran or somewhere else to show the world he meant business but, is Biden much different. The Australian people need to risup and throw fascist clown Morrison in prison, before it’s too late

    Comment by Webster Cole | September 21, 2021 | Reply

    • Interesting, but I cannot agree with you, Webster Cole. Just as I cannot agree with climate change deniers, who think that all the climate scientists are part of some great evil conspiracy, I cannot agree with the pandemic deniers, who think that all the epidemiologists are part of a grand conspiracy. Anyway, I see climate change and the pandemic as linked. They are both the results of foolish homo sapiens, who doesn’t get it, that he is a part of nature, belongs in the ecosystem – and who think’s it’s fine to destroy the ecosystem. Perhaps these tiny viruses are partof the reality that ”nature bats last”. Perhaps the ecosystem’s penultimate predator, homo sapiens, will be beaten by an ultimate predator – the next tiny virus.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | September 21, 2021 | Reply

      • Thefascist media is drowning people w covid while many other things are running amok. U don’t even live in a free country u live in fascist now nuclear shithole. The media sensationalized Fukushima to obscure it. And covid is really serious. They sensationalized trump and got him in power and covid is real yet they are ignoring the very climate change that probably cost covid and is killing more people than covid ever will. U r letting the us vs them shit obscure things. There is chags, there is valley fever there are nosomual infections where antibiotics don’t work and covid sucks. the cancer rates are going insane there’s tse take fly sickness governments are using sensationalism to keep women from getting abortions and build more nuclear weapons and reactors.. there is sterility starvation chemical and hydrocarbon burning insanity

        Comment by Webster cole | September 21, 2021

      • OK. But it’s pointless to be relentlessly negative. As a great Aussie rock band put it – ”If you don’t fight, you lose” I pay tribute to the fighters, to the people of integrity.

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | September 21, 2021

  6. No hope no future massive homelessness. Substandard wages no medical . And Bien is blowing a trillion on nuclear . Climate Change is crazy. America is full of radionuclide poison and Christina calls me negative as i.almost starve to death as my kids have no future. How many nuke protests have you been too? Govt in evil merica uses 4 mill inmates for prison labor mostly poor people of color. Plutonium pit factories nuke sacrifice zones covering a quarter of evil americq

    Ww3 is going on now
    Kurt Vonnegut
    The Great Depression was going on, so that the station and the streets teemed with homeless people, just as they do today. The newspapers were full of stories of worker layoffs and farm foreclosures and bank failures, just as they are today. All that has changed, in my opinion, is that, thanks to television, we can hide a Great Depression. We may even be hiding a Third World War. – Kurt Vonnegut

    Just go get more educated the filthy bastards say everything will be alright

    Comment by ..... | September 22, 2021 | Reply

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