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If man cannot overcome his desire to kill, we are doomed

 If man cannot overcome his desire to kill, we are doomed Independent Australia, We are racing with great speed towards a nuclear holocaust unless man can conquer his fatal disposition for war, writes Dr Helen Caldicott. 1 Aug 21,

”……………..We stand on the brink of extinction unaware that our time on this precious lump of rock in the endless universe is almost certainly to come to an end.

Although the Cold War ended in 1989 to the relief of everyone, vast stores of hydrogen bombs possessed by Russia and the U.S. not only remain intact but missiles armed with these hideous weapons stand on “hair-trigger alert” ready to be activated with a press of the button by either the U.S. or Russian president.

Circling the northern hemisphere they arrive at their destinations 30 minutes after launch, during which the targeted country detects the attack and launches its missiles. Nuclear war would take approximately one hour to complete — eliminating, eventually, most life on the planet.

Failing that catastrophe, the human race and our fellow species face other dreadful futures including the rapid advancement of global warming and radioactive elements emanating from nuclear reactors contaminating food chains for eternity — leading to epidemics of cancer, leukaemia, genetic diseases and congenital deformities. However, presently we are racing with great speed towards a nuclear holocaust.

This deleterious situation is treated with ignorance by politicians and the mainstream media who practice psychic numbing as we stumble blindly towards our demise. 

In the past, men have perpetually fought and killed over territorial disputes, religious convictions, tribal animosities, jealousy and sheer stupidity. But unless men stop fighting and killing we are doomed, because any fraught international event could hold the seeds of a holocaust.

For instance, on 9/11 United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) put its nuclear weapons on the highest state of alert ready for launch because nobody knew what was happening — was it the Russians, or someone else? Nevertheless, the U.S. was poised to blow up the world if necessary. This is apparently routine practice during international crises of unknown origin.

Recently, the world was faced with an ignorant narcissist with his finger on the nuclear button. How come the physicists, engineers and military men who have laced the world with nuclear weapons ready to launch with a three-minute decision time by fallible men – most likely, a U.S. or Russian president – never factored into their equations of probability that an immature, petulant man-baby could hold the seeds of our destruction in his tiny hands?

So, the outstanding question presents itself — is the human species an evolutionary aberrant with a fatal disposition for war?

Equipped as we are with a large neocortex capable of wondrous scientific discoveries – but little psychological maturity – can we now, armed as we are with nuclear weapons, conquer this disposition and stop fighting, or are we doomed? To use an apt medical analogy, the planet is dominated by a particularly virile pathogenic species and that is us. If we cannot overcome and conquer this desire to kill, then we and most other planetary species are doomed.

So why do men kill?

Albert Einstein believed:

The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything except our thinking. Thus, we are drifting toward catastrophe beyond conception.’

He also said:

‘It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.’

When I was 12 years old I asked my father: “Why do men rape women after they conquer a territory and win a war?”

I respected this man enormously who usually provided answers to my questions, but he was stumped this time. It was obvious that the men had waged the war and killed, but what on earth was the animosity towards women?

This raised the obvious question — what is the connection between violence and sex in males?

‘Apparently, the circuitry for sex and violence is intimately linked in the male brain.’

This work [research on rodents] has not been repeated in humans, however, it is assumed that the circuitry is similar in other mammalian species…………………………………,15357

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  1. “Recently, the world was faced with an ignorant narcissist with his finger on the nuclear button…” Who could that be? There is such a long list of candidates. Boris Johnson, who recently stated that nuclear weapons would be used against a state which used cyber weapons against the UK. Joe Biden, who has approved a massive upgrade in the USA’s nuclear arsenal. Donald Trump, who didn’t seem to know anything. Or pretty much any US President and UK Prime Minister who all care more for their political fortunes than the risks of nuclear holocaust.

    Of course, I know you meant Mr Trump, because much of the Left and liberals thought he was somehow worse than all the others. Judging by his actions rather than his crude, misogynistic, anti-poor and racist rhetoric, he was no different. At least he didn’t launch an invasion costing many hundreds of thousands of lives as G W Bush and Anthony Blair did – whose reputations amongst some of the Left have strangely been rehabilitated.

    Comment by John Smith | August 2, 2021 | Reply

    • Good points. Twas not I, but the author, who meant Trump. I too had noticed that Trump is not an enthusiast for invading other countries. I actually found his new attitude – of NOT needing to be the policeman for other countries – rather refreshing. I liked it that Trump was not totally under the thumb of the military-industrial-complex, unlike every other U.S. president in modern times. I WAS apprehensive about his impulsiveness.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | August 2, 2021 | Reply

      • Thanks for that. According to much Left media of all stripes, that makes us some kind of fascists. Apparently. For example, the Trotskyist World Socialist Web Site has latched on to the US Congress inquiry into the Jan 6 riot and asserts that the WSWS position of claiming all Trump supporters to be deeply dangerous, anti-democratic fascists makes the WSWS brave and unlike the capitalist corporate media… despite the fact that such media are taking exactly the same line about Trump, his supporters and Jan 6. Noam Chomsky, to his shame, claimed that Trump is the most dangerous man in human history and that all on the Left had to vote Biden. I saw little substantive difference in actions between Trump and previous occupants of the Oval Office, nor has Biden’s record been much better so far.

        Comment by John Smith | August 2, 2021

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