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Nuclear news – week to 19 July

Today, Dr Helen Caldicott speaks out forcefully on the omnicidal threat of nuclear war, on male aggression, and the need for women to take control in national governments.

On matters nuclear – not much is happening – news items this week, from UK, Canada, France and USA show that  nuclear development is stalling.    Meanwhile renewable energy is charging ahead globally – cheaper and faster. I am not able to keep up with solar, wind, developments etc.

CORONAVIRUS –  What’s happening in Canada and around the world.

CLIMATE.  Cascading Tipping Points & Permafrost. Germany the latest victim of extreme weather.

A bit of good news. Huge Supply of Water is Saved From Evaporation When Solar Panels Are  Built Over Canals 



With all its wisdom, the human race is killing itself.

As the world starts to panic over climate change, nuclear evangelists offer spurious solutions.

British court ruling heightens danger of Assange extradition to the US.

How Right-Wing Extremists Pose A Nuclear Threat.

The International Atomic Energy Agency is well aware of that danger we don’t discuss – NUCLEAR TERRORISM.

Automation in nuclear weapon systems: lessons from the man who saved the world.

The Catholic Worker Movement, and its anti-nuclear heroes in prison.

EUROPE. Expert opinion: why nuclear energy should not be included as sustainable in Europe’s green taxonomy financing.


CANADA. Small Nuclear Reactors are all the hype. But here’s the reality.

FRANCE. French nuclear company EDF struggles with increasing debt and poor prospects for its nuclear fleet. A new problem for France’s nuclear company EDF threatens to further delay its plans for new model European Pressurised Reactor (EPR2). Costly dismantling of France’s Brennilis nuclear power plant continues, 35 years after shutdown.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. Nuclear-free Asia Pacific Report.

SPAIN. Spain’s nuclear regulator blocks permit for a uranium concentrate plant.

JAPAN. Japan’s government acknowledges that solar power will be cheaper than nuclear. Japanese government considers extending maximum nuclear reactor lifespan beyond 60 years. 

3rd-gen Nagasaki A-bomb survivor continuing decades-long work for nuclear free world

UK. UK government’s pointless pursuit ofnuclear power, as renewable energy proving to be cheaper and faster. UK government plan – residents on the hook in advance for costly Sizewell nuclear plan that will be useless to combat climate change. Green energy suppliers protest at UK government’s funding plan to promote nuclear power, with residents exposed to nuclear cost overruns. Nuclear colonialism.

ISRAEL. Israel determined to“maintain military superiority’‘, in preparation for a nuclear Iran.

GREENLAND. Greenland moves toward a stricter ban on uranium mining.



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