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From Hiroshima to climate apocalypse – the consummate NUCLEAR LIES- theme for August 2021

It began with the atrocity of Hiroshima, which continued the lie that it’s OK to massacre children, women and men. Then the specific nuclear lies about the reason for this particular bombing , then the lie about ”peaceful nukes” and on until today’s big lie – that ”nuclear is essential to save the climate”.

IF this nuclear lie is allowed to prevail, especially at the Glasgow Climate Change Conference in November, the official climate action movement will have no credibility.

Money, time, effort put into nuclear energy development is money, time and effort taken away from genuine action to combat and to adapt to global heating- energy conservation, and renewable energy technologies.

It is also money put into nuclear weaponry – because so-called ”commercial” nuclear power is economically unviable, is really just a mask for nuclear weaponry, – – on land, sea, in sky, and space

But – LET’S PRETEND THAT NUCLEAR ENERGY REALLY CAN COMBAT GLOBAL HEATING. But oh, what a pity! – the most recent research predicts that climate change will become irreversible by 2027 – 2042.

That means that we have only, at best, 20 years to switch from coal, and gas to carbon-free electricity.

The world would need 1000s of ‘conventional’ nuclear reactors to provide even a partially effective solution, and many 1000s of small nuclear reactors. There is no possibility of achieving that with 50 years, let alone 20. Renewables can be set up within months to a few years. (Nuclear development would be a costly and wasteful distraction).

NUCLEAR POWER INCREASES GLOBAL HEATING. The entire nuclear fuel chain, from uranium mining through to wastes burial, is highly carbon emitting.

Meanwile, the nuclear industry, so called ”emissions-free” emits ionising radiation, harmful to health and environment.

The industry’s dangers and role in creasing weapons and the danger of apocalyptic nuclear war, make it totally unsuitable and indeed counter-productive , for inclusion in any climate change action strategy.

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  1. You’re right about nuclear power. But “Renewables can be set up within months to a few years” is true but rather misleading. Our current and likely future energy use in wealthy societies cannot be supplied by renewables alone, and the infrastructure for renewable energy is itself far from renewable or clean. The mining industry is delighted by Green New Deals which demand huge amounts of extractive industries. There are no simple, easy or cheap roads out of the mess that capitalism and the industrial revolution have caused.

    Comment by John Smith | August 1, 2021 | Reply

    • Alas, you are right, in so many ways. As to our likely future energy use, who really know? The prevailing idea for our strange species is that infinite energy use is the go. As to renewable energy, the environmental movement seems blind to these negative factors, to the vast land spaces involved, and to the toxic wastes left by reprocessing of rare earths. The idea of genuine conservation of energy has not been adopted. Still. dirty dangerous nuclear power is not the answer.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | August 1, 2021 | Reply

  2. A 62 yo.woman, claiming to be a nurse with congestive heart failure, refused to wear a mask at the post office. She  could walk and breath better than me.  The thing, said a cardiologist, says she does not have to wear a mask because, it causes her to breath in and out her own germs.
    She is no nurse. She is a person, that sits around and watches, Murdoch’s  fox news, all day, in the usa.  If it had been a man, he would have been  thrown in jail immediately. . She kept ranting off, that covid and climate change are a hoax, in the US post office, without a mask, to antagonize people.

    I reached my wick point and heat exhaustion point, twice yesterday. The conundrum. Multiple Stupid, rednecks and women, driving big 3500 trucks, to the store to buy cookies, with global warming rampant, and haze in the air. 95 percent humidity. 95 degrees F
    Wildfires are rampant . Wildfires are  putting  carbon dioxide in the the atmosphere, a 100 times faster than normal. Reactors are  on the verge of blowing up, from floods in europe. They will blow in Florida this fall.

    My friend is a paramedic. She says they picked up 6 delta codid variants in a small town area , in the past two days. she says she knows of 3 hospital ICUs that are full, from the delta , covid variant.

    Things are getting scary in Nuclear USA and nuclear Europe.

    Floods threaten nuclear power stations: call for endangered reactors to be shut down.

    Ben Franta
    · Jul 30
    Effects of increased CO2 on the American west, Exxon internal memo, 1979
    • The southwest states would be hotter, probably by more than 3 °F, and drier.
    • The flow of the Colorado River would diminish and the southwest water shortage would become much more acute drought.

    I saw rifle Colorado, where Lauren boeberts is from. They detonated 3 nuclear bombs right under that town, to frack natural gas they cannot use.  boebert is a climate change and covid denier  She is a GOP pronuclear war, pronuclear weapons, pronuclear energy , climate change denier and an affirmed racist.  Boebert acts like a mindwarped, idiot, like many Americans. 

    The birth defects rates and cancer rates for parachute and rifle Colorado, where they detonated 5 underground nuke bombs , to frack for natural gas they can never use, are astronomical.

    Comment by Terry Hines | August 1, 2021 | Reply

    • In USA culture, there are those who do not believe, in mutual responsibility. Self trumps, civility.  Their idea of civil society is this. “I can do what I want, and screw  u if u don’t see, that I have no interest in your mutually safely when I am in public, around you, too bad for you. ”

      They do not believe in public commons or sharing a space with you . “Screw you, if you are not smart enough to stay away from me! It is your problem,” is their mantra.

      There was once a time, where civility, meant recognizing commons.  People would not try to harm  you, when, you saw them in public.

      The USA needs a new language  evolution, in these uncivil times.

      For the dangerous brats and criminal menaces,  call the woman of that Ilk a womfasc and man of that ilf, a manfasc. They are all racists. Few of them believe in democracy.

      They have purposely relegated themselves, to exclusivity, The  ” us and them, mentality.”

      It is because, their ideology and culture is now so  brittle and rigid. They are  brainwashed. Their culture and media propaganda organs, control most of the media and discourse.  Many of them, hate the idea of what they see as, a rules of civility and law. Many of them, have at least partial hate, for civil people. Most of them have money. They see themselves as exceptional. They see many of us as subhuman, or monkeys, or stupid, like most Nazis do and did.

      Many people literally now, cannot find a pathway to knowing anything other than what we believe, in a delusional way, we ourselves have the freedom of choice and self-authorized authority to know. Searching on Google packages knowing and acting in such a powerful way that the instrumentation of the digital search makes us feel we are on a pathway of knowing. Rather, what seems to be the case is that we circle within our own “conceivabilities” while leaving out everything that would break this vicious circle and create a fruitful path of knowing and so people rely on racist-right-wing ideology, magical thinking, brittle, irrational ideology as their core reality and logic system.

      Many of the fasces believe  that if you are not pure white, or ideologically aligned with them, you have to be eliminated or at least exiled .

      Many people,  will have to leave, the USA soon, after the fasces,  assume power again. That is because they are on a roll, this time and have a lot of corporate money. They have police backing. They have corporate and political power now. They control 90 percent of the corporate media. They control congress because, their opposition is weak, fickle, and, fake.  Even as irrational and crazy as they are, there are multitudes of them in the USA.  Like in Nazi Germany and fascist Spain.

      Many people will have to leave, when they attain their ultimate power through a chauvinist, non-civil , non egalitarian, authoritarian state.

      The USA will burn down, faster than it is.  Nuke plants will blow, within a year of them taking power. The military-industeial-complex, and government will probably, do a tactical nuclear strike. That is the way it is, unfortunately.

      Comment by Jonny Maryboy | August 1, 2021 | Reply

  3. The trees burning is putting a lot of bomb detonations, chernobyl, fukushima and all the other meltdowns and radioactive ☢️ shit they lie, about back into the air we breath, the food we eat , the water we drink. It is also making climate change much worse. There are only 5 years left for humans on earth

    Comment by Judy Hines | August 19, 2021 | Reply

  4. Dogs around los Alamos national plutonium pit manufacturung laboratory, only live to be 4 to 5 years old. There is the highest incidence of lung, skin, pancreatic cancer, in the world there. It’s right by Santa Fe, new mexico, the capital of new mexico. People suffer from diseases there that don’t exist in other places. Like dissolving esophaguses. There is plutonium and americium in the water table. Wipp.on the other side of the state, is worse. Massive amounts of plutonium that has caught fire and exploded and will continue to do so.
    New Mexico Nuclear Activists Brainstorm on How to Stop LANL, WIPP Expansion – Taos Enviro Film Festival – NH #530 – Nuclear Hotseat

    Comment by Terry brooks | August 20, 2021 | Reply

  5. The numbers, depth and breadth of the fires are increasing. Not that much time.left. Humans are so stupid

    Comment by Erica | August 21, 2021 | Reply

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