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To 6 July – nuclear news this week

Today I found an article which, although it’s about America, expressed a dilemma for the whole world.  Tom Engelhardt  of  Tom Dispatch discussed the 3 global horrors of  – the pandemic, climate change, and nuclear weapons. I recommend his article, lucidly explaining how vast sums of money now goes into nuclear weapons, and not into defeating the pandemic, nor saving the world from the slow apocalypse of global heating.

Coronavirus: What’s happening in Canada and around the world.Climate Change Disaster Isn’t a Future Threat — It’s Already Here.

Good news?
  I’m sure there is some, but it’s hard to find.  News is, by  its nature, bad – because most people behave fairly reasonably –   and therefore, reasonable behaviour and normal life are not newsworthy.

Even this conservative journal recognises renewables as the only meaningful future energy source – nuclear is irrelevant.

The world is bequeathing to our descendants the costly nightmare of unsolved nuclear waste disposal,

Canada is a warning: more and more of the world will soon be too hot for humans.

The space tourism plans of Bezos, Musk and Branson are morally reprehensible.

JAPAN. Japan is not being transparent about the radioactive content in Fukushima wastewater. The hybrid boars of Fukushima. Fukushima: Radioactive boars create mutant hybrid species decade after nuclear disaster.

EUROPE. 5 European nations warn the European Commission that nuclear energy must be excluded from the EU’s green finance taxonomy.

MIDDLE EAST. Nuclear Reactor Security Risk: Middle East and Gulf Region.

GERMANY. Protest week beginning July 4 outside Ramstein Air Base, Germany.Germany’s success in phasing out nuclear energy, and remarkable uptake of solar. Germany joins 15 other nations to call for an end to nuclear testing ‘once and for all’.

CHINA. China’s handling of Taishan nuclear plant leak shows need for transparency. How Taishan almost became China’s Chernobyl.  

UK. United Kingdom will not finance any nuclear-energy related expenditures under its Green Financing Framework Dounreay nuclear waste clean-up– an enormous job, for just a temporary solution. Bradwell anti-nuclear campaigners may face fight against nuclear fusion plan. UK’s Ministry of Defence kept ‘devastating’ nuclear accident risks under wraps.


CANADA. Five good reasons to support the City of Ottawa’s request for a regional assessment of radioactive waste disposal projects in the Ottawa Valley.  In extreme heat wave, forest fire threatens Sakatchewan uranium mine – another example of global heating hitting nuclear activities. Hundreds dead as record-breaking heat wave hits Canada and United States.


ALGERIA. Buried in the sand of Southern Algeria – the radioactive pollution from French nuclear tests.

IRANUS must guarantee it will not leave nuclear deal again, says Iran. U.N. chief urges U.S. to remove Iran sanctions as agreed in 2015.

RUSSIA. Russia tests giant nuclear submarine equipped with secret weapons.

TAIWAN. Taiwan’s strategy to phaseout nuclear energy and move to renewables. Taiwan on its path toward denuclearization.

SEYCHELLESSeychelles Votes to Ratify the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons,.

AUSTRALIA. Maralinga nuclear bomb tests – British and Australian governments’ callous cruelty to First Nations people

  •   THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper sinks to a new low in pro nuclear propaganda. (A reminder to Australians – Even nuclear executives must be embarrassed at the pro nuke propaganda aimed at young women. and – Exposed! Extinction Rebellion fact checks pro nuclear front, and Zion Lights.)
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