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The dangersof transporting nuclear weapons and other nuclear materials

Nuclear Transports**

 The UK & Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) today publishes a
detailed analysis considering the wide range and large number of transports
of nuclear materials around the UK and Europe, and from the UK to other

The report highlights nuclear transports are continuing to
increase and remain a concern from the perspective of an accident or
malicious incident taking place with one of them. Nuclear transport is of
particular concern to the NFLA as radioactive materials are at their most
vulnerable when they are being transported off site, as they are away from
dedicated safe storage facilities and are in an ‘uncontrolled’
environment where they face a greater level of risk.

The report considersin detail the following transports: The safety of nuclear weapon road
convoys – it considers recent reports by the Nuclear Information Service,
ICAN UK and Nukewatch Scotland. The future transport by road of vehicles
containing redundant submarine reactors from Rosyth and Devonport to
Capenhurst by road. The report highlights the sheer number of road
transports involving nuclear materials as well.

The transport by rail of spent nuclear fuel from existing and decommissioned reactors, with
particular focus on the rail transports of radioactive materials from
Dounreay to Sellafield. It also highlights learning points from recent
conventional rail transport accidents. The transport of radioactive
materials by sea around the British Isles and globally to fulfil
international contracts. The transport of highly enriched uranium materials
stored at Dounreay by air to a site in South Carolina, United States.

Thereis also reference to a historical list of accidents involving planes with
nuclear weapons.

 NFLA 22nd June 2021

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