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About the radiation leaks at Taishan nuclear power station. The public is always the last to know.

Climate Crisis + Regulatory Collusion = Nuclear Disaster, June 15, 2021

Leaks at Nuke in China , Fairewinds Energy Information, By The Fairewinds Crew

The French and Chinese nuclear reactor Taishan Unit 1 is leaking radioactivity! Named Taishan Units 1 and 2, the reactors are the first of their kind in China and are located in the Guangdong Province. Designed by Framatome Corporation in France, the reactors have created “an imminent radiological threat,” according to CNN.  Allegedly, governments in the West were not informed of these leaks until Framatome notified other nations on June 8, 2021. Moreover, it appears that Chinese authorities and Framatome may have known about issues at the reactor months before Western powers were notified. 

Yes, you read that correctly! The public is always the last to know!

According to the New York Times, small amounts of radioactive gases, likely from Taishan, were detected in Hong Kong during April at least 130 Kilometers (80 miles) from this Chinese reactor site.  

As of Tuesday, June 15th, this issue does not appear to be a meltdown like Fukushima, TMI, or Chernobyl. Repeat not! It seems that there have been one or more nuclear fuel failures at the Taishan Unit 1 plant in Southeast China.

What is a fuel failure? Each nuclear fuel rod consists of about 144 fuel pellets, depending upon the manufacturer. The fuel rod’s length is 12-feet long. It has a zircaloy metallic wrapper that extends around the fuel pellets and is welded at the top and bottom, thereby creating each fuel rod.

Yesterday, Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer for Fairewinds, was interviewed by Al Jazeera Media Network. He explains how nuclear fuel cladding may fail in the interview below: 

How does this distance to reactors compare for U.S. residents?



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