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The world should stop tiny invisible killer radioactive particles – just as dangerous as tiny invisible killer coronaviruses – theme for July 2021

Why on earth are we so complacent about ionising radiation from nuclear activities –  at the same time as the world is in uproar over the pandemic?

Is it because we don’t mind a plague of cancers, other illnesses and birth defects coming not immediately, but affecting people years later –  our grandchildren and great-grandchildren?

Tiny invisible little viruses float about the air, near people who have the COVID-19 infection, or they settle on people’s hands, on objects – ever ready to be picked up by more people.  Almost certainly, this virus started by jumping from wild bats to humans.

So the epidemiologists now work to trace the movement, the dispersal of the infection – and world-wide maps of COVID illness clusters are identified. The goal is to stop the present global illness, with its many deaths.

Equally, tiny particles from nuclear activities, uranium mining and milling, reactors, wastes, nuclear weapons making, nuclear bomb tests – have floated about the atmosphere, and continue to do so, reaching living creatures, and settling in water and on land. With contact, especially inhaling or ingesting these, the results are birth defects, cancer and other illnesses.   Not an urgent problem? After all, it is usually only after years of exposure, that people develop these illnesses.

Where are the epidemiologists tracing the dispersal of the radioactive particles, and the resultant sicknesses and deaths?

And, these particles came, not from bats, but from a very lucrative human industry.  So lucrative, that all the banks, universities, governments and other backers involved do not want the epidemiological research that would expose this global horror.

As the world wakes up to the urgent need for research and international action on Coronavirus, it is time for international action to stop the global radiation-caused epidemic, and the nuclear activities that produced it.


June 16, 2021 - Posted by | Christina's themes


  1. its in water food air our bodies eveywhere

    Comment by tim shoro | May 9, 2020 | Reply

  2. Great post and a more optimistic take than I have! I see people who can’t seem to understand the risks of something that will kill them in two weeks time, and think no wonder they can’t understand something that will kill them in 10 to 30 years time. Meanwhile, I hope that Trump doesn’t set off a nuclear war…. A large part of the Covid spreading problem is that people don’t respect the personal space of others and seem to have forgotten manners (like covering their mouths when they cough), IMO. It used to be illegal to spit because of TB.

    Comment by miningawareness | May 9, 2020 | Reply

    • I really love your post and the art work. It’s worth reading repeatedly.

      Comment by miningawareness | May 9, 2020 | Reply

  3. The evil orange thing, pushes things closer to nuclear extinction. So much pollution. So much has already happened. . Watch for Fermi to go or a coastal reactor during storms. So evil. It will probably use tactical nukes at some point. It is deregulating nuclear waste to the point of sure fires and explosions soon. Nothing like this amount of dangerously stored waste , bad reactors, tactical nukes in history. This evil demon and its old criminal elite evil monleys do not care. Fukushima continues to massively contaminate.

    Comment by Angie Johnson | May 10, 2020 | Reply

  4. There are societal, economic, political, mental, and health breakdowns, going on now in America. THERE WAS A LARGE OF RADIOACIVE, USED NUCLEAR FUEL RELEASE IN MICHIGAN. There was a nuclear event there. America is saturated with nuclide pollution. Many more nuclear incidents and, catastrophes are in the works.

    Comment by Johnny Learmont | May 23, 2020 | Reply

  5. Cop Race Murders gone rampant
    Massive protests
    95 unregulated old deteriorating reactors now unregulated and unsupervised under don trump, post fukushima. no effort to shore them up.
    Massive build up of nuclear arsenal . Nuclear treaties torn up
    Tactical Nuclear war and first strike pushed ny this guy.
    Tactical nuclear weapoons on submarines.
    Hypersonic nukes.
    Denial and.mishandling of covid that had led to 3 months of shutdown and death.
    25 percennt unemployment
    A racist mad mad ranting and encouraging his cult core to create havoc and even civil war. How much worse can it get?

    The cop who murdered the man on live tv, by keeping his knee on his throat, has other blood on his hands.

    In 2011, the officer who killed George Floyd also killed an Alaska Native man. Leroy Martinez, he was 23 years old and had his hands up. He had his hands up.

    A post-rational america . America was not so rational before. It is  psychotic now . Racial violence is encouraged. A massive nuclear and tactical nuclear arsenal has been accumulated and now expanded, though the cold war ended decades ago.
    A society where old shoddy nuclear reactors and their waste is  deregulated. There are several reactors ready to blow, post fukushima. There are 10s of thousands of dangerously stored high level waste, ready to crash and burn.
    An authoritarian, racist police state run by evil nuclear monkeys, sadistic generals , lunatic billionaires, and corporations with a stupid, ranting, madman at the helm.
    There is  not any sign of sane leadership now.  Feeble psychotic-suicidal leadership.
    They are building a larger nuclear arsenal including tactical nuclear weapons, as they break all nuclear treaties.

    The regime is tacitly and openly lobbying for domestic civil war. It is aggrandizing the use of tactical nuclear weapons. It’s generals and ideologs are pounding propaganda for tactical nuclear war as the empire loses it’s self-proclaimed exceptional, imperial standing in the world.
    America,  nuclear bombed japan and spread this apocolyptic insanity around the world.

    In 2020 america is a psychotic, singularly the most dangerous state. Nuclear weapon production and proliferation  was expanding before 2016. Now it is triple expanding and into Space, Hypersonic missiles,Tactical Nuclear weapons on submarines.

    Trump came to destroy the US government . They came to destabilize the country so the currupt could loot it and, make more money off the lethal poisoning of the earth.  They have destabilized the country. They have incited deadly racist division.

    The nuclear arms race should have ended with the cold war and at this time. 
    These blood-thirsty,  people have escalated a new,  larger,  and more deadly nuclear arms race for more money , blood money, and hate.

    Blatant Racial Violence is Glorified to give the  War-Monging, Nuclear Bullying, Elite and it’s Orange haired lunatic, cover.
    Racial violence is encouraged and sanity is punished.

    “Atomic energy is unnecessary,”
    “It is uneconomical. It is unsafe. It is uninsurable. It is undemocratic and it is a travesty on our descendants who will curse us if we do not stop the menace of atomic energy.”n

    Ralph Nader

    “The Usa has
    4% of world population.
    30% of COVID-19 infections.
    25% of COVID-19 deaths.
    25% of prison population.
    50% of military spending.
    80% of foreign arms sales.
    95% of foreign military bases.”
    David Swanson


    The patriot act and warrantless electronic monitoring have recently been extended by the corrupt facist republicans and their corrupt controlled opposition. Their war-monger counterpart-corporate democrats.

    Today in Lee County, Georgia.
    Two brothers went to deliver a package, only for a racist white man to come out cursing at them and threatening their lives for being on his property.  Watch the video.

    A black professional in Georgia lynched by gunfire. He was murdered in broad daylight while jogging. No charges filed against the murderers.

    A drug task force that raided the wrong house and shot to death an innocent EMT who happened to be black. Shot 8 times.
    EMTs are already out here risking their lives enough against this virus.

    Prison state. Prisoners in america are used as slave labor. 3 to 4 million in the system. The Usa accounts for 25 percent of all prisoners in the world.

    Jason Stanley Sums up the current state of america in this short video.

    Jason Stanley has written a book about it. He is a well-esteemed scholar and expert.

    “This coalition of the business elite, right-wing Christian evangelicals, and white nationalists and other white supremacists is very dangerous. Fascism is ultimately a death cult.” – Jason Stanley , May 11, 2020

    Comment by P Stanley | May 31, 2020 | Reply

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