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Is Bill Gates ‘a nice man in a jumper’ or a power-hungry egotist?   

Is Bill Gates ‘a nice man in a jumper’ or a power-hungry egotist?    The Conservative Woman    ByKate Dunlop, May 6, 2021 

”…………According to Forbes, Gates is worth £93billion and is the fourth richest man in the world after Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and French luxury goods owner Bernard Arnault (obviously they are not counting anyone in China)…………

Bill Gates is known to be difficult, but he is extraordinarily adept at managing his own reputation. Over the years he has forked out millions to the world’s media to secure sympathetic and uniform reporting. They would have you believe he is a ‘nice man in a jumper’. Bill Gates is a power-hungry, obsessive, manipulative egotist. He is not like you or me.

I say that not out of cruelty, but as a warning. The upside of his marital breakdown may be that he finds himself distracted, even for a few months, which might give the rest of us respite from his pursuit of world dominance.

Who might benefit from his absence?  Well, the first thing to come to mind, is the unwarranted and undemocratic influence that Gates has on our cultural and political masters.

Writer Naomi Wolf, a former political consultant for the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, compared the current political situation to the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s but observed that the current rise in political tyranny and ‘bio-fascism’ is not restricted to one state. It is almost universal, with liberal and conservative governments across the world, ‘all reading the same sound bites’………

Wolf discussed Gates’s increasing influence over global news corporations in the August 2020 Columbia Journalism Review. Her article revealed his substantial financing not only of ‘media, media, media,’ but also of ‘K through 12 education [kindergarten to age 18].’

She warns people to avoid imagining that Bill Gates, the ‘tech bros,’ Soros, and China ‘think like us’ because ‘they don’t’.

If Gates were off the world stage, even temporarily, governments might be able to see him for the hypocritical manipulator that he is. Some leaders might break free from the path to perdition that they are set on. The brave might even develop a strategy to counter him. ………..

It’s not science fiction, it’s just capitalism,’ Naomi Wolf says, ‘It’s just a kind of Asperger’s kind of psychopathic guy with too much power surrounded by . . . communists who have perfected inhuman, anti-individualist thinking and Silicon Valley guys who are making billions of dollars from it and who also don’t think in terms of human rights and freedoms, but a “new space”, as they put it, to monetise.’


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