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DN! “Julian Is Suffering”: Family of Assange and Chris Hedges in NYC on Assange — Rise Up Times

“The situation there is really dire, and Julian is suffering inside that prison.”

DN! “Julian Is Suffering”: Family of Assange and Chris Hedges in NYC on Assange — Rise Up Times

June 11, 2021 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Indeed. Mr Assange is in HMP Belmarsh for no good reason, just the desire of the UK and US governments to punish him for revealing their murderous crimes. However, he’s not suffering any more than other prisoner and I write as a man who spent six years in English and Scottish prisons. He has access to NHS health care like any other British citizen, a nutritious if bland diet and is not being actively harmed by prison officers. Compare his treatment with the at least 47 journalists who are in Chinese prisons now for revealing what their government does. Yet when are their names championed?

    “In Chinese jails, prisoners begin working on their first day of detention regardless of the circumstances. The right of having a phone call upon arrest is unheard of, and most have no contact with the outside world throughout the entire time they are incarcerated. Many are jailed for months without ever being formally charged, then released without going to trial.

    Each day at 6:30 a.m. the cell leader woke everyone by clapping his hands to begin another routine day. Thirty men lined up to brush their teeth while simultaneously using a single hole in the ground as our only toilet. After washing and using the toilet, prisoners arranged themselves in rows sitting cross-legged to chant communist slogans and recite detention regulations. Once the chanting was complete, prisoners would stand for an hour of military-style marching in place. Any who didn’t enthusiastically chant or march briskly received beatings or various other types of punishment.

    Each cell was run by a gang who pushed work production through a series of rewards and punishments. While there was one leader, he surrounded himself with what we called “the lieutenants” – forming what we called “the regime.” After work quotas were issued, prisoners would line the wall to assemble Christmas lights all day with two ten-minute breaks for lunch at 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. for dinner. No uniforms were issued, so most prisoners sat in their underwear. Later, in the shower, I noticed many prisoners had bedsores from long hours sitting on the concrete floor.”

    Comment by John Smith | June 12, 2021 | Reply

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