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Exactly who is trumpeting nuclear power as a cure for climate change? – theme for June 21

Well, understandably, it starts with the nuclear industry itself, faced with the reality that now, the only real reason for its continued existence is nuclear weapons. It’s the nuclear power and the nuclear weapons companies.

It’s the global array of nuclear -associated agencies – the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the rest of them, in each nuclear country.

And don’t forget those billionaire gurus – Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson – who use their wealth to promote their own businesses in new nuclear toys

So, don’t be surprised to hear nuclear power executives, nuclear physicists, nuclear engineers and chemists extolling the glory of nuclear power – their careers are in danger!

Their best argument ”Only we, with our superior technical knowledge are capable of having an opinion on this matter”

POLITICIANS. In the USA no President can to be elected without the backing of the nuclear industry. The same surely applies for political leaders in other nuclear nations. Many politicians depend on nuclear industry support, to get elected and stay there.

MEDIA. The nuclear lobby has done a great job of convincing many journalists that they can’t really understand matters nuclear. So, for journalists, the safest course is to just regurgitate the industry handouts. Those who do have confidence often know that their corporate employers have interests in the nuclear-and coal industries.

ACADEMIA. and RESEARCH. Many universities have been, to a degree, bought by the nuclear industry.

BANKS and other financial bodies invest in nuclear power, or, better still, nuclear weapons,

THE ARTS. As with corporations through the past century, nuclear corporations have funded all sorts of arts bodies, – so co-opting their support.

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  1. Dear Friends, I really appreciate all your mails but it is a bit of system overload.

    Can you bundle them somehow together?

    I receive between 50 and a hundred e-mails from all over the world from different environmental organizations and people. Some are of anti nuclear nature too.

    So please if you could lighten my load a bit. I can sort out the articles myself, to put-on my FB or send to other people.

    Especially politicians.




    Comment by Werner Rhein | June 5, 2021 | Reply

    • I don’t know how to change this. It is one of the mysterious marvels of WordPress. I suggest you you simply Unfollow this site. I will send my weekly newslwtter to you, by email, (as long as the email address that you provided actually works)

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | June 6, 2021 | Reply

  2. We know what will happen soon. Our mindless , non-leaders, do not care. Just pontificating within a corrupt captured system, does nothing, Millions are getting cancer . So many children are born w birth defects from this insanity. The people who really do anything, That is, go to protest, help file lawsuits, write the truth are castigated and betrayed by supposed friends and treacherous bobos who have a stake in this murderous, suicidal system

    Comment by Why screw the people who do something | June 6, 2021 | Reply

  3. This will be censored in this time of great darkness
    Biden is terrible. I stayed in the Ukraine, after Chernobyl. It is collapsing . Many sick people. The same is happening in Japan since Fukushima. The right are mostly racist Mad-dogs. That won’t fly in any coalition. Liberals are not leftists rob. They aren centrists
    It will take something like what happened in China, to nationalize banks and, form a new economy not based on financialization, to change things. Something planned and, with a concerted mandate.

    The problem is, how fragile and tenuous the USA is. Menu reactors, are on the verge of failure in the USA. When they go, it will be a full-blown extinction event. I saw half a town, in a usa nuke sacrifice zone, die of cancer.

    Japan and the Ukraine are collapsing from the health costs of cancer, birth defects, other health problems from the ongoing extreme nuclear catastrophes, that occured there . The USA is very close to that .

    The landscape is not cut and dry or black and white. It’s a slippery slope with, three, or 4 interconnected crossroads, w the possibilities, of multiple deadly outcomes possible.
    1. The crossroads of climate-change, industrial and nuclear poisoning,
    2. politics, Banning started this nihilistic early road to extinction .So far little to no rational leadership w this variable
    3.Infrastructure problems collapsing societal cohesion. There probably will be a reactor meltdown.

    Some of the ignorant right will disconnect from their Dunning-Kruger effect of the ignoramuses and manipulators. Maybe a coalition is possible, to help stop the ongoing fatal radioculide dementias and poisonings. The march to nuclear war and Oblivion.
    4. The march into complete societal economic and environmental breakdown
    Will occur if there is extreme civil unrest and people become too crazy and unhealthy

    Comment by Dr . Terry | June 6, 2021 | Reply


    I was riding my bicycle home night before last . I HAD A small , gas jug that had 3 oz of gasoline . BOUGHo IT TO CLEAN bicycle parts. My back pack was full of bike parts.
    4 cops swooped in and pushed me into a parking lot with their cruisers. I was shaking so hard I thought I would have a seizure. The woman pulled her gUN on me told me to put the gas can and backpack down slowly a. me SHE ASKED ME if I was on meth becauseZ I was shaking so bad. I showed her my epilepsy bracelet. I cannot drive because of epilepsy.she asked me what is in the jug. I said a little gas to clean the derailer in my back for my other bicycle. She said I was probably going to burn someone’s house down with the gasoline. Three other cops came up. My property manager came by and told them.i am disabled and work on bikes. They had to let me go. Cop confrontations like that can end in death homelessness from treat and maiming. What an evil country murican is.

    Comment by Anonymous | June 8, 2021 | Reply


    Trump was wi a hair trigger of using a tactical nuclear bomb on Iran.

    He was bragging that he would use a tactical nuclear bomb on Iran, by August if any hostilities broke out between the Palestinians and the Jews.
    Donald Trump is also responsible for keeping several nuclear reactors opened, that were originally planned to be 30 years old and are now older than 40 years old . He signed deals to keep of dangerous nukes opened a hundred years or 70 years beyond their original close dates. . Reactors are subsidized by the government . Areas w nukes pay 2 to 5 times more for electricy than in other areaa.
    Donald Trump also started taking given high-level nuclear waste waste from all over the world . He has money invested in sweetheart corporation to have the nuclear waste stored and thin casks in West Texas and New Mexico thousands of times tons of high-level nuclear waste that could poisoned the entire of the United States. Trump did nothing to bolster the safety of all nuclear reactors in hurricane and earthquake zones post-fukushima . Trump actually deregulated reactor supervision so that large crooked nuclear companies, could patrol themselves. Almost all nuclear reactors have old diesel generators that do not work and if there were outages there would be nuclear catastrophes like in Japan. Biden ain’t great but Trump actually bragged about making things worse.

    Comment by Anon | June 9, 2021 | Reply

  6. Gosh the USA is just getting worst and the Trump barbarian-fascists are at the gates frothing at their mouths to get into power to totally destroy the USA and the world with the and even more nuclear bombs and tactical nuclear nuclear bombs and even more nuclear reactors than biden

    Comment by Anon | June 10, 2021 | Reply


    Biden’s calls Antifa, environmentalists, and animal rights groups Extremists and terrorists

    Comment by Te love | June 19, 2021 | Reply

  8. The rich tax evaders, will all die in bunkers as the nuclear power plants blow. As climate change, destroys the world. As the wars, wall street and they profit from, run amock. As the tactical nukes are used. As the world is poisoned to death by pesticides. As millions die in the street from homelessness, bunkrupsy, starvation, ruinous and no health care. As the radionuclides, petroleum products poison all life to death! They will die with us in their final solution. Gluttonous psycopathic pigs. There is now place to go. The war pigs, the nucleoapes, the generals. The exploiters. The generals. The wall street devils. The cowering crooks and wall street devils. The MIC. The generals. The cowardly degenerate politicians. It makes me aahamed to be human!

    Comment by Anon | June 19, 2021 | Reply

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