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Biden Dangerously Accelerating the New Cold War with China, by Joseph Gerson — Rise Up Times

“While there is much in Joe Biden’s and the Democratic Party’s domestic policy agenda to be admired and supported, rooting it in Trump initiated anti-China hysteria undercuts our national security.”

Biden Dangerously Accelerating the New Cold War with China, by Joseph Gerson — Rise Up Times

June 4, 2021 - Posted by | politics international, weapons and war


  1. China ain’t great it’s dirty. people are very rude. Govt spies on ya, like murican but they did pretty good. most people in Taiwan work in mainland China.

    Boeing and other weapons makers farm out parts manufacturing, to Chinese companies. It’s all a big con. The neoconservatives under  bush,made it quit clear they were going to pursue biological warfare research to the hilt. They still are w nukes

    A nuclear war, from a tactical nuke or space accident is the most likely. I will call a nuclear reactor catastrophe, this year in the USA. I say this  because, their have already been several tropical storms, in the southern USA that are somewhat covered up. There have been tornadoes. Flooding is
    about to break out pretty hard in the south and midwest. The west is in a terrible.drought.

    Chinese use their banks for capitalism, to start more businesses not financialization and war machines. I know a Chinese guy in SF who got rich in China buying Levi factories using cigarette smuggling money. Now he’s n Cali like so many chinese. Likes china though. . Taiwan is becoming antinuclear . Many taiwanese 80 percent of Walmarts good come from.china. the USA inhibits n Korea and s Korea from rejoining to push their evil nuclear agenda
    Boeing and Martin , Raytheon etc farm weapons parts manufacture to.china,.from bidens trillion dollars nuke and war budget ND Biden and the CIA launch cold.war PROPAGANDA and press ssaults against china. Ironic isn’t it. Too bad this will be censored.

    Comment by Artie | June 5, 2021 | Reply

    • In your interesting comment, Artie, it is a pity that you make a generalisation about Chinese people being very rude.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | June 5, 2021 | Reply

      • They are in China though mostly in the cities not like Thailand or Mexico where people are very warmy ty spit everywhere are mean to.ya treat ya like a zoo animal . I admire china though most people don’t have a clue what china is about

        Comment by Artie | June 5, 2021

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