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Nuclear News – week to 1st June

Covid 19 coronavirus: Around the world – situation update

Climate change behind global heat deaths

Nuclear.  The coronavirus, with its global effects on health, human suffering is also, of course, affecting the economy, and most (though not all) businesses. The ”commercial” nuclear industry is affected, but not the nuclear weapons industry. The nuclear-armed nations are revving up their weapons expenditure. The USA is the shiningly obscene example. Clearly the nuclear weapons industry has captured the American government, it hardly matters whether the administration is in Democratic or Republican hands.

Some bits of good news
:  Chernobyl Guards Have Befriended Abandoned Dogs, Feeding Them and Bringing Medical Care. World’s Largest Wind Turbine Manufacturer Says All Its Blades Will Soon be Fully Recycled.

A People’s Guide to the War Industry .

The appalling mistreatment of Australian citizen, Julian Assange, – by USA, UK, and Australia. Targeted surveillance threatens human rights defenders.

“Unqualified” —who is allowed to talk about nuclear power ?

Report on the threat of nuclear terrorism.

New technology comes nowhere close to solving the problem of nuclear waste. Despite the Small Nuclear Reactor push from Bill Gates and the rest of the nuclear lobby, we already have the technologies to decarbonise our global economy.

 New research highlights need for international standards to safeguard against plutonium ”hot” particles.    

Ionising radiation the big danger to astronauts.

The time to divest from Bitcoin is now.

1st U.N. nuclear ban meeting may be postponed until after Non Proliferation Treaty review.

U.S. Energy Information reports uranium at lowest price since 2007.

  As electric vehicles take off, we’ll need to recycle their batteries


5 Republicans and 1 Democrat – the U.S. Senate nuclear caucus – Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Coalition – bribed by nuclear weapons companies to pour $1.7trillion into new and ‘modernised’ nukes. USA’s $634Billion nuclear weapons budget. For USA, health care is too costly, while weapons makers wildly profitable -as $634 Billion to go to nuclear arms.   Ain’t it lovely to see USA Democrats and Republicans in full agreement – on spending $squillions in unnecessary nuclear weapons, of course?.      Senator Markey and Rep. Blumenauer introduce Bill to cut $73 billion from USA’s bloated nuclear weapons budget. Costs of upgrading USA’s nuclear arsenal has jumped up by $140 billion in just 2 years 

 In 1958,U.S military had plans to use nuclear weapons against China, in a crisis over Taiwan. 

Biden’s Budget Proposal Funds Most of the World’s Dictators 

Biden’s Budget Proposal Funds Most of the World’s Dictators 

CANADA. Canadian government in the grip of the nuclear lobby’s ”NICE” dishonest spin about small nuclear reactors. American experts warn Trudeau that Moltex small nuclear reactors are likely to prove a nightmare for Canada.

EUROPE. NATO’s U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe not safe. U.S. soldiers’ Flashcard Apps reveal secrets.

ASIA. Abdul Khan and the illegal and immoral world of nuclear proliferation.

IRANIran agrees to extend IAEA nuclear monitoring deal for one month. UN nuclear watchdog chides Iran over uranium enrichment .

JAPAN. TEPCO’s history of covering up radioactive water risks. China says Japan ‘repeatedly betrayed public trust‘ in Fukushima response . Radioactive Fukushima soil stored in flood zones.

FRANCECorrosion in the fuel cladding at France’s Chooz and Civaux nuclear stations.


UKRAINEFission reactions have been spiking in an inaccessible Chernobyl chamber since 2016 – possibility of a runaway nuclear reaction.

RUSSIA. Russia’s plans for nuclear-powered spacecraft to Jupiter. Russia launches a mission to investigate te Komsomolets, Soviet nuclear submarine sunk 32 years ago .

 Australia, the USA’s only ”best friend” in the Indo Pacific, to deploy more USA military equipment, heightening the threat against China.


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