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For USA, health care is too costly, while weapons makers wildly profitable -as $634 Billion to go to nuclear arms

The US Will Spend on Nuclear Weapons in the Next Decade,

BY JULIA ROCK, 26 May 21, According to a new Congressional Budget Office report, we’re set to spend well over a half a trillion dollars over the next decade on nuclear weapons. Yet we’re somehow told that Medicare for All is too expensive.

As Capitol Hill lawmakers continue to insist that initiatives like Medicare for All are too expensive, a new congressional report shows that the United States government is on a path to spend more than a half-trillion dollars on nuclear weapons in just the next decade. The report emerges at the same time a separate analysis shows that a handful of top executives at defense contractors are being wildly enriched by a Pentagon spending spree.

The first report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) finds that the federal government is on track to spend $634 billion over the next decade to maintain its nuclear forces. Almost two-thirds of those costs are for the Department of Defense, mostly to maintain ballistic missile submarines and intercontinental ballistic missiles. About one-third is for the Department of Energy.

For comparison that is:

The new CBO estimate represents a 28 percent increase over the last ten-year estimate that the CBO made on US nuclear forces two years ago.

The figures were released just a few weeks after a new analysis from the Center for International Policy, a foreign policy think tank in Washington, found that “In 2020 alone, the CEOs of the [Pentagon’s] top five contractors received a total of $105.4 million in compensation.”

When accounting for all top corporate officials, these firms paid out more than a quarter billion dollars of total executive compensation in 2020 — and paid out more than $1 billion over the last four years.

About half of the Pentagon’s budget goes directly to corporations such as Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, according to the report.

So far, the deficit scolds who wanted to narrow eligibility for stimulus checksstudent debt cancellation, or rent relief haven’t complained about the spending.


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  1. Put down 2000 for a crown in murica. Woman insisted on doing the Wrong tooth. Could not speak english.

    Many people in America cannot afford dental.

    6000 for an er visit. 400 at a emergency clinic, for the wrong rx without a real doctor.

    patient given chloroquin 4 times a day for hbp . She died having hallucinations

    Half a million for chemotherapy. Quarter million for chelation after exposure to PLUTONIUM.

    100,000 for antibiotics for mrsa

    100 for Tylenol in a hospital.

    Homelessness for heart surgery. Awful ensures disability,  homelessness death.

    A thousand, for a botched torn colon from a cholenoscopy, in an assembly line colonoscopy clinic.
    and 20000 for the hospital bill .

    500 for a doctor visit. 4000 a month for crappy insurance that doesn’t cover labs. Thanks Trump and biden and Obama.

    Repucs want to bring back no medical options for pre-existing conditions, where they throw u in a dumpster on skid row in la, if u have no insurance.

    No coverage little tx for abdominal burn tx, burns for two much gamma radiation for cancer.

    Wrong insulin prescribed by the doctor at 300 dollars for a months worth

    Only radionuclides and free radicals can dramatically impair and ravage the immune vivo and in vitro with nanogram quantities

    I saw 3 kids, die from a diptheria outbreak on the Navajo reservation.

    A girl in my class, was in special ed from febrile seizure, after mumps high fevers.. I had a friend from LA who had a similar dx.

    It was before your time but high fevers from any of those diseases, mumps, rubella , German measles, chicken pocks, mumps could kill or be permanently disabling in the early sixties.

    I know the bias is pronuclear or contradictory, fake, right wing memes are used in the corporate media, with no scrutiny. Or the  politics against vaccines is recited in church.. I had two friends in Mexico who lost young adult children to covid. I have had 4 friends in the USA who have died from it.

    A kid in Colorado , was so smart and had encephalopathy from mumps hi fever which caused  seizures and disabled him. It was because his.parents refused to vaccinate him. The covid deaths were climbing, till the medical establishment was able to convince people to take it seriously. Valley fever will get worse until people begin to treat it seriously. Two of your psychopathic commenters called for killing Dr fauci.
    Radionuclide cancers, heart disease  and disabilities are growing and nobody cares. They do not have a heart . Repukes jump the bandwagon where the wind blows . Clorox injections for covid.

    If you were exposed to uranium, cesium 137, iodine 129, plutonium, or americium you would have to have edta, or prussian blue, dpta, or penicillamine and or a combination for 6 months. First Iv then orally. If u use activated charcoal alone or phytoplankton exoskeletons alone,  especially w acute radiation poisoning u will die
    If you use chelators u will have some renal and liver toxicity .

    Vaccines don’t even compare in toxicity to radionuclides.  u take in, a thousand times more radionuclides, heavymetals, and  pesticides In a day than the amount of non toxic non genotoxic Mildy inflamming, proteins and nucleic acid’s you get from a Half ml vaccine.

    Which is it? Covid, cancer, heart disease , dementia, death or the proper tx?

    Plutonium plant fires
    Los Alamos, Hanford, Denver
    Hundreds of thousands of gallons of radioactive tritium, in water, flow from each Nuclear reactor each year into aquifers, rivers, the ocean. They wonder why wildlife bees, dogs, cats people the sea are dying

    Gammas, alpha, x-rays, cosmic rays, beta, go right after dna and chromosomes. They attack and destroy strands, linkages, chemical bonds, at the most basic level. Statistical lies, cannot change that. They throw statistical lies me. They can’t deny these basic mechanisms and truths. Ionizing radiation is the most mutagenic phenominon known in terms of repetitive and malignant destruction, of cell nuclei dna breakage, chromosome damage and mutation .

    The basis for the most dna and chromosomes damage, in the world now is radionuclide exposure.   Radionuclide pollution in cities accounts, for 100 cases of verifiable cancer per year in the cities from Radionuclide, from car exhaust and other source.

    The valley fever, is rampant in Arizona  and California , from the effects of radioactive smoke on lungs and immune systems .

    They want a nazi civil war and “small” nuclear war, that will target nucleur reactors.  

    The  whites want civil and nucleur war. Either will set off most or, all of their decrepit-nuclear reactors. They  will start exploding. PLUTONIUM fires will erupt, from the waste at the reactor site.

    Americans are a brainwashed, rationalizing bunch. The nucleoapes especially, want to keep getting, their blood money no matter what. They murdered karen silkwood. The american and japanese fascist powers that be, would have you me offed, if they thought you or I, were a substantial threat, however subtly it seemed u died u would have been.murdered.

    In the end, like 1984 or the grand inquisition. They would have you renounce your heresy, as they tortured you and murdered you. People take in on a daily basis more Radionuclide mutagens and carcinogens. More heavy metal and pesticide poisons, than u wanna admit. They can’t even get crspr right, idiots want to niggle and persevere over nucleic acids, amino acids, and protein . Crazy people. Like the psychotic criminal, racist-liar trump .

    Billions of asians have worn masks for hygiene for contagion and  pollution, for decades

    Comment by Anyone listening? | May 28, 2021 | Reply

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