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This week in nuclear news

Coronavirus. I can’t keep up with pandemic news – but it’s not going to go away –   for a long time.It’s still looking like vaccination as everyone’s best hope.

Climate. G7 environment ministers have agreed that they will deliver climate targets in line with limiting the rise in global temperatures to 1.5C.

All quiet on nuclear developments this week. One news item from the UK (Hinkley project delays)  clearly illustrates that very real, but rarely acknowledged connection between the coronavirus pandemic, and the fizzling out of activity in the ”peaceful” nuclear industry.But nothing stops the weapons makers and the Pentagon from pushing for more $billions for nuclear weapons. No doubt Russia, China then follow suit.

The effects of radioactive waste water released into the ocean.

Scaling back missile defense could prevent a nuclear attack .

world based on 100% renewable energy by 2035 is technically and economically feasible.   Both Germany and Britain are decarbonising while nuclear production is greatly reducing.  We already have 95% of the technologies and know how to slash emissions, remove air pollution and provide energy security and jobs.

“Advanced” isn’t the answer — New reactors as an answer to climate change are an illusion.

Scientists turn a blind eye to the fraud that is the ITER nuclear fusion project.

Should Bill Gates be viewed as a man of character and a trusted adviser to world leaders?

Tesla’s Bitcoin about-face is a warning for cryptocurrencies that ignore climate change.  

Uranium Film Festival – Online for free from May 20 to May 30.

We already have 95% of the technologies and know how to slash emissions, remove air pollution and provide energy security and jobs.

JAPAN. Discharging Fukushima radioactive waste water to the ocean would violate Japan’s legal and environmental obligations. Nuclear emergency guidelines on thyroid radiation exposure under review in Japan . Flaws found in anti-terror measures at Fukushima No. 2 nuclear plant .


EUROPEPoor outlook for the nuclear industry in Europe.

GERMANY Despite Germany’s nuclear phaseout, the secure supply of electricity in Germany will remain guaranteed at the current high level for the foreseeable future.


 Senator Bernie Sanders pushes resolution to stop $735 million in US military sales to Israel. Senator Bernie Sanders unveils Bill to force Pentagon to pass audit, citing “fraud” and “waste”. Pentagon hypes up the ”China threat’‘, in its deceptive propaganda to get more $billions from Congress. A trillion reasons to scrutinize the US plan for more than $1.5 trillion spend on nuclear weapons.  

United States considered nuclear strike on China over Taiwan in 1958, classified documents reveal   
 Biden must end sanctions against North Korea — and finally end the Korean War

U.S. tiptoes through sanctions minefield toward Iran nuclear deal .  

White House environmental justice advisers express opposition to nuclear .

Yet more delays in USA’s costly, troubled Vogtle nuclear project.  

 Renewable energy cheated in uneasy coalition with Exelon nuclear, in Illinois. 

 The dark legacy of a nuclear meltdown – The Santa Susana Field Laboratory.  

Early atomic bomb research – the ‘demon core’ that killed physicist Harry Daghlian .  

Changes to Waste Isolation Pilot Plant could hide plan to expand this nuclear waste facility.  Alabama hospital installs radiation-free spine imaging tool.

RUSSIA. Russia’s Arctic Council leadership now facing up to the problem of nuclear reactors dumped in the ocean.

UKRAINE. Chernobyl is showing signs of a possible new nuclear accident.

ISRAELMossad co-operating with Saudi Arabia in devising military action against Iran? Israeli public opinion makes a US-Iran nuclear deal urgent .

IRAN. Talks in Austria with UK, France and Germany head towards nuclear agreement. Iran says IAEA access to nuclear sites images has ended.

NEW ZEALANDPacific Nuclear test veterans encouraged quest for apology will succeed  

CHINAJapan slammed for not addressing nuclear wastewater dumping concerns. China building uneconomic closed fuel cycle nuclear breeder reactors – for plutonium for nuclear weapons?.

GREENLAND. French mining company Orano stops all uranium exploration in Greenland.

AUSTRALIA. New research on the complexity of particles from plutonium resulting from British atomic bomb tests at Maralinga. Plutonium ”hot particles” are not as stable as we assumed. 

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