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Boris Johnson’s plan for more nuclear weapons in Scotland ‘breaks international law’

Boris Johnson’s plan for more nuclear weapons in Scotland ‘breaks international law’,The National, By Gregor Young  19 May, 21  BORIS Johnson’s plan to increase the UK’s stockpile of nuclear warheads would breach international law, experts have warned.

The Tory government announced in March that it wants to raise the legal limit on the number of the weapons of mass destruction, which would be available to its submarine fleet at Faslane. Currently, the cap is set at 180, but the new defence review revised that up to 260.

Downing Street will also send more troops abroad “more often and for longer” as part of the £24 billion hike in defence spending.

Scotland’s Justice Secretary previously described the proposals as “utterly unacceptable”, while Washington think tank, the Arms Control Association (ACA), said they were inconsistent with the UK Government’s prior pledges under the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

That conclusion has now been backed by two academics at the London School of Economics who were commissioned to examine Johnson’s pledge by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), the Record has reported.

Led by Professor Christine Chinkin, a long-time consultant for the UN, and Dr Louise Arimatsu, a former fellow at the NATO Cyber Defense Centre, the legal report finds the increase constitutes a breach of article six of the NPT treaty.

CND general secretary Kate Hudson told the Record: “The increase in the UK’s nuclear arsenal has been exposed to intense criticism nationally and internationally, including from the United Nations. Thanks to the work of highly respected academic experts, we now know it is illegal under international law.

“Everything points to the decision costing tens of billions of pounds. During this pandemic, there are other urgent uses for public money.

“The decision breaks with the gradual nuclear reductions implemented by successive governments going back nearly 30 years and is at odds with the decision by Presidents Biden and Putin to continue bilateral nuclear reductions.”……………


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  1. […] Boris Johnson’s plan for more nuclear weapons in Scotland ‘breaks international law’ […]

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  2. Boris Johnson will topple himself soon. Like the repuklicans cancelled themselves

    Comment by T may | May 21, 2021 | Reply

  3. I hear old JW yammering about prcog crime programs that started with nixon and honed under repugs and centrist for years. You could see Microsoft, Ellison, thiel, google, istael rubbing their hands together at the prospect in nineties. Its an ongoing project, that centrists and repukes love.
    We are already targeted and have been for a while.. We have been since richard nixon with his enemies lists and racist drug, forever wars. The oligarchy, the military w the mic, and wall street , are  like the three stooges. Con artists on a grand and, deadly scale.

    The gang that couldn’t shoot straight, with deadly consequences.  They continue to bumble along, with their puny panopticon of Artificial Intelligence-hot-crime-areas, in ghettos in cities. Areas far removed, from where the real societal destruction, is occuring.

    Their license plate readers, target the wrong people. The nsa inet tracking, sets us up, for real nuclear war and, nuclear catastrophe.

    The bumbling pronuclear criminal,  BJ of the UK, used BREXIT as an excuse to increase the nuclear security totalitarian state, at all levels in Britain. More bombs, more nuke subs, more ready reactors that have to be monitored. Scotland will rebel soon.    The disheveled criminal, will topple itself, from it’s nuclear stock market insanities.

    That is what, Archnuclear militarist,  befuddlefrik drump did. So stupid, he could not pull off the coup and con, that would have destroyed murica. The repuklikans are buzy, thuroughly cancelling😃 them themselves,in the process

    Comment by T May | May 21, 2021 | Reply

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