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Despite Germany’s nuclear phaseout, the secure supply of electricity in Germany will remain guaranteed at the current high level for the foreseeable future.

Renew Economy 16th May 2021
Germany’s target of achieving greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045 has a
very important sub-goal: The expansion of renewable energy capacity to
provide green power for transport, heating and making hydrogen. But running
such an integrated energy system on fluctuating renewables alone will
require not just more wind turbines and solar panels, but a power network
that ensures the delicate balance of supply and demand at all times, while
conventional capacities are shut down.

So far, the power supply in Germany
remains one of the most reliable in the world. The government and grid
operators are confident it will stay this way despite the challenges of
electrifying the nation and experts highlight the importance of European
power grid integration. But others predict that the country will soon be in
need of back-up capacity. Germany’s conventional power generation
capacity is beginning to dwindle. In December 2022, the country will have
over 23 gigawatts (GW) less nuclear power capacity than ten years ago. In a
reply to parliamentarians, it wrote in March 2021:

“All analyses of
supply security known to the federal government and carried out in
accordance with the latest scientific findings come to the conclusion that
the secure supply of electricity in Germany will remain guaranteed at the
current high level for the foreseeable future. The analyses also take into
account the phase-out of nuclear energy and the end of coal-fired power

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