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The possession of nuclear weapons is not about war. It’s all about power, status and money

The possession of nuclear weapons is not about war. It’s all about power, status and money,   Herald Scotland, David J Crawford, Glasgow, 14 May,21, …….   The fact is that other than the United States using two devices against a beaten Japan in the Second World War, but in reality to demonstrate its power to the USSR, nobody has ever used one in anger; this despite US armed forces being involved in conflicts on almost every continent ever since then. Since the US is no longer unique as a nuclear power and we have a “Nuclear Nine”, the weapon has been rendered pointless as the idiotic concept of “mutual destruction” is not a vote-winner.

The power of nuclear weapons is not as a weapon of war it’s all about power, status and money, India is the perfect example of this. The country is currently being ravaged by the viral pandemic, its health service is in collapse, medicines and oxygen are in scarce supply and ordinary people are dying in their tens of thousands yet India has spent billions on nuclear weapons and a space programme rather than on public services. 

Here in the UK the Establishment has the same skewed priorities, public services suffer cutbacks yet we are upgrading and expanding a nuclear weapons system that has no defensive capability. Nobody is allowed to question the billions that are siphoned from the public purse into corporate pockets, spent on something that will never be used and if someone was ever stupid enough to do so the best that the general public could hope for is to be killed outright in the first wave.


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