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The nuclear menace from under the seas and from high in the sky- theme for May 21

Why would anyone persist in pushing Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) and pretending that they can solve climate change, when they clearly cannot?

Well, the answer is – if you’re a toxic macho nuclear zealot or a nuclear weapons corporation – ( Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Technologies, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and General Dynamics etc)- this myth about SMRs is manna from heaven.

It means that the tax-payer, not private enterprise investors, will take over the SMR push – and the military-industrial-complex will race away with nuclear sites and weapons in space, and with powerful killer nuclear submarines.

Meanwhile those billionaire nuclear gurus – Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, , Richard Branson, Jack Ma and othes , will be laughing all the way to the bank, as they promote ”peaceful, nuclear-powered” space travel.

The global media promotes the joy and delight of space travel, rarely acknowledging its intimate connection with militarism. And there’s a crazy sort of national pride – hubris in being in the space race.

The space race to what? Apart from the obvious – nuclear war and annihilation, there’s the danger of ecosystem plutonium pollution from accidents and leaks, drastic accidents, and the gobbling up of public funds that might otherwise go to the public good – health, education, welfare, climate ation – heck – even good international relations!

The USA and Russia have long been in a toxic competition to militarily control the world especially by nuclear submarines. There’s a strange and unwarranted confidence that nuclerar submarines are ”clean” and somehow ”safe”. That’s because they release their radioactive trash unseen, into the world’s ocean waters. When they have an accident, well they just sink, and their poisonous mess is invisible. Dead nuclear submarines seem to be no trouble, hidden on the sea floor. Now that the world has become (a bit) aware of the radioactive danger of nuclear submarines, the dead ones lie in port, as nobody really knows what to do with them, how to clean up the nuclear mess.

In this time of pandemic, it is urgently necessary to put the brakes on NATO, and Russia – in regard to the increasing danger to the world, of nuclear submarines. Even more than cruise ships, they can be a hot-bed of coronavirus – making them even more unsafe in a number of ways.


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  1. Makes a good case for why Americans won’t change and so many are seduced by nuclear insanity
    Fecalnomics is the study of poor decision-making. The concept of “fecalnomics” originated with a review I wrote of the book, Thinking: Fast and Slow, in which Nobel economist Daniel Kahneman shows how monkeys throwing feces are more accurate than human stock pickers over the long toss.

    Considering recent self-inflicted injuries such as the election of Donald J. Trump in the “United” States, the Brexit Referendum in the “United” Kingdom, and the “cooperation” among nations on climate change, this may be an opportune time to reflect on how and why humans make terrible decisions and what we can do to improve both our good-decision rate and our happiness with our decisions. Here, then, are Ten Basic Principles of Fecalnomics.
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    A Mysterious Brain Disease Is Spreading in Canada
    Victor Tangermann in NeoscopeNeuroscience/Brain Science
    The Canadian province of New Brunswick is tracking 48 cases of a mysterious new brain disease that has neurobiologists stumped, the BBC reports.

    The Canadian province of New Brunswick is tracking 48 cases of a mysterious new brain disease that has neurobiologists stumped, the BBC reports.

    The patients, with ages ranging from 18 to 85, started experiencing a variety of symptoms including aggression, anxiety, depression, muscle aches, and spasms. Some patients developed insomnia, language impairment, and even rapid weight loss and muscle atrophy.

    Several patients even experienced hallucinations, including transient “Capgras delusion,” a psychiatric disorder in which a patient starts believing that a close friend or family member was replaced by an impostor.

    Roger Ellis, a man in his early 60s born and raised in New Brunswick’s Acadian peninsula, the area where many of the 48 cases occurred, experienced many of these symptoms.

    “He had delusions, hallucinations, weight loss, aggression, repetitive speech,” Ellis’ son Steve told the BBC. “At one point he couldn’t even walk. So in the span of three months we were being brought to a hospital to tell us they believed he was dying — but no one knew why.”

    At first, Ellis’ doctors suspected it was a case of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), a fatal and rare degenerative brain disorder. But Ellis’ tests came back negative, along with countless other tests.

    “Our first common idea is that there’s a toxic element acquired in the environment of this patient that triggers the degenerative changes,” Ellis’ doctor Alier Marrero told the British broadcaster.

    Doctors are also not ruling out a connection to exposure to an “excitotoxin” like domoic acid, which caused several food poisoning incidents in 1987 in the neighboring province of Prince Edward Island.

    But far more questions than answers remain.

    “We have to go back to first principles, go back to square one,” University of British Columbia neurologist Neil Cashman told the BBC. “At this point basically nothing can be excluded.”

    The United States’ Birthrate Is Declining Rapidly

    White House Supports Waiving IP for COVID Vaccines, Sending Pharma Stocks Tumbling

    Something Is Frizzling Up the Brains of Old White Guys
    All Rights Reserved | View Non-AMP Version

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