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In India’s pandemic nightmare, India and Pakistan need to invest in health, not nuclear weapons.

Oxygen is more important than uranium,  DW, 1 May 21,  India and Pakistan can afford to buy weapons and test ballistic missiles, but they can’t cope with the COVID crisis. DW’s Shamil Shams says it is time for both to invest in public health and focus less on warmongering.

Dr. Mubarak Ali, a progressive Pakistani historian, recently wrote on social media that the mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic in India and Pakistan proves that “oxygen is more important than uranium.”

Both India and Pakistan are grappling with an acute public health crisis brought on by coronavirus. India lacks oxygen for COVID patients, and Pakistan can’t afford to buy vaccines.

However, both nuclear-armed states continue to devote a large chunk of their national budgets to military spending.

The pandemic situation in India is nightmarish. During the week following April 18, India reported 2.24 million new cases, the highest number recorded by any country in a seven-day period since the pandemic began.

India also logged 16,257 deaths, almost double the 8,588 deaths recorded the previous week, according to Health Ministry data. Since the start of the pandemic last year, India has registered over 17.6 million COVID cases and almost 200,000 related deaths.

This “second wave” is particularly lethal and has exposed the fragility of India’s health infrastructure. Hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients, and there aren’t enough places to cremate or bury the dead.

The situation is Pakistan is getting worse by the day. Infections and deaths are surging.

As of Tuesday, April 27, Pakistan has recorded almost 805,000 COVID cases and 17,329 deaths. Experts say the actual numbers are likely much higher.

The vaccine rollout has been quite slow in Pakistan because the government doesn’t have the funding to purchase doses. China and other countries have donated a few million vaccine doses, but it is not enough to vaccinate a country of 220 million people.

Stubborn arrogance

Yet, the ruling classes in India and Pakistan are not ready to reevaluate their public spending policies.

For over 70 years since both countries gained independence from British rule, India and Pakistan have invested more in defense than in the wellbeing of their people.

Their militaries have thrived, even as a large segment of their populations have fallen below the poverty line.

This is what happens when a developing county prioritizes security-based national spending. India and Pakistan have the latest tanks and fighter jets, yet their hospitals lack ICU beds and ventilators………

Misplaced priorities

Even the world’s most developed health care systems have been pushed to the edge by the coronavirus pandemic. And for developing countries, the pandemic has demonstrated the necessity of a functional health care system for prosperity.

Powerful militaries and massive defense budgets cannot fight a virus. 

Therefore, India and Pakistan can no longer justify supporting a nuclear arsenal while their populations suffer due to a lack of medicines, oxygen cylinders and hospitals.

The rulers of the two nations must put an end to their warmongering and resolve their disputes politically and diplomatically. The best way to deal with COVID – and potential pandemics in the future – is through regional cooperation.

The way many Pakistanis have offered support to Indians during their health crisis is proof that the two nations can overcome many challenges if they help each other.

The pandemic has demonstrated that if the arch-rival south Asian neighbors don’t move toward reconciliation and peace, their economies are bound to collapse in the long run, and even their mighty armies will not be able to stop it.

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  1. This is prose. If you have not the courage to publish it shame on you. I want a half million to March on washington dc like they did on dc in 1979 after three mile.

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    I know what I wrote strikes a nerve

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    What good does all that 20 thousand sq footage  do for you. It is  in that  sparkling City .  A city full of motor cars, burning tons of gasoline with enough radium and uranium in the gasoline being burned, to create a mutant army of disabled people and a thousand new cases of cancer  a day.  Radioactive  pollutants and unburned hcs in everything creating pyrophoric storms and wildfires in, and around cities in murica

    That lovely suburban MC mansion  with 10 americium loaded radioactive  smoke detectors and three bathrooms

    The country house by the nuclear power plant

    The houses on the w coast as fukushima  continues and san onofre kills La jolla

    What good does that suburban House or downtown penthouse do for you?  You’re breathing hot particles, radium and uranium from burning hydrocarbons millions of cars, depleted uranium and fukushima . You are breathing the radioactive smoke from wildfires, burning, and adjacent to the city. HOT Particles and water from fracking, from nuclear medical waste.
    Nuclear reactors . Waste from closed nuclear reactors and, nuclear processing facilities.
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    Depleted uranium in the air from military bases, close to many american cities. It  is what turned fallujah, iraq, into one of the worst birth defects epicenters in the world

    Nuclear waste in the city dump by st louis is burning
    170 Million in U.S. Drink Radioactive Tap Water | EWG
    Uranium contaminates drinking water in U.S. West – CBS News

    What good does that nice house and car do for you? What good,  does  that middle class and above,  lifestyle do for you.
    There are Fukushima hot particles.
    There is massive car exhaust uranium in the air, at rush hour.

    What good is it, to the kids, when there is nuclear waste everywhere? There is the threat of nuclear war. What good does that high paying middle class job and, education do for you? You  know that nuclear power plant next to you, is ready to explode. 

    What good does it do you, to have that car.  What  if you only knew, that your house isn’t worth anything at all because, of all the radioactive crap in  the soil . The radioactive and chemical pollutants in the soil, in the air, and in the water.  You are breathing it, drinking it, and eating it every day.

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    China criticizes Japan over Fukushima treated water release

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    Uranium in the drinking water. Americium in the landfills, from cheap smoke detectors, across the usa. What a way to get rid of high level nuclear waste, that is worse than plutonium

    Bee die-off,as progress marches on

    Nuclear fallout from the Cold War might be killing our bees

    And you may find yourself living in a Mc mansion house in the suburbs

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    The green run

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    Think of what happened with the green run and Mayak. Hanford is poisoning the columbia river, with a steady stream of Radionuclide, from hanford flowing into the columbia river.

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    And you may ask yourself, “What is that beautiful house?”
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    Comment by Terra Lowe | May 2, 2021 | Reply

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