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Events to remember the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and its warning

The UK & Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) will be commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster which takes place on Monday 26th April. It was the world’s worst nuclear disaster whose impact can still be seen in Ukraine and Belarus.

As part of commemorating the 35th anniversary of Chernobyl, NFLA are actively supporting two events. On Sunday 25th April at 5pm, NFLA are cooperating with Beyond Nuclear International, Greater Manchester & District CND and
Chernobyl Children’s Project UK to hold a special webinar entitled ‘Living with Chernobyl’. Following on from this event, on the 26th April,

NFLA are supporting a full day online conference hosted by the European office of the German Lander of Baden-Württemberg, in association with the Alliance of Regions for the Phasing-out of Nuclear Power in Europe
(who NFLA partners with) and the International Nuclear Risk Awareness Group (INRAG). 

The conference will focus on an INRAG report on the ‘Risks of Lifetime Extensions of old Nuclear Power Plants’ and the ongoing concerns around a range of aging nuclear reactors across Europe and the world. 125 nuclear reactors in Europe alone have an average age of 33.4 years. The susceptibility to accidents naturally increases with the age of the
reactors, which immensely increases the risk for people and the environment in Europe.

NFLA 23rd April 2021

CND 24th April 202
1,The news of a massive disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power station
rocked the world in 1986. As information gradually emerged about the scale
of the catastrophe – and its impact on all forms of life – we were
shaken and fearful of the consequences, no matter how far we were from the
blast site. I am delighted that Dr Ian Fairlie – an internationally
acknowledged expert on Chernobyl – is contributing a guest blog about
what happened. This anniversary must surely reinforce our commitment to a
world without nuclear power.

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