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Nuclear power- the killer of our future – France and beyond.

Nuclear power kills the future – we must stop it Sortir du Nucleaire April 2021

Hand in hand with the nuclear lobby, the French government is preparing the continuation, or even the revival, of nuclear power. Extending nuclear power plants and plants means operating cracked tanks, worn out pumps, dilapidated electrical equipment, corroded piping …At the same time, there are no longer any new projects in this industry between low-cost EPR, centralized swimming pool, laundry or even a waste storage and treatment unit … The nuclearisation of the territories seems to be underway ..

More than ever, a leap is needed to prevent the extension of dilapidated factories and dangerous reactors and block new absurd projects. This is why the “Sortir du nuclear” Network is launching its new national campaign with the slogan:


EPR reactors, polluting factories …
Let’s reject new nuclear projects in our territories, call on our local elected officials!
Petition addressed to the Mayors of France, elected municipal officials and inter-municipal presidents

A drifting nuclear industry …

The site of the EPR nuclear reactor under construction in Flamanville, Normandy, continues to get bogged down. According to the latest estimates, it will be more than 10 years late and cost 9 billion euros more than expected … What a waste! This fiasco is indicative of the general state of the nuclear industry, where cases of poor workmanship and organized fraud are piling up, symptom of a generalized drift in the industry. The Nuclear Safety Authority itself points to a dangerous loss of skills and doubts the capacity of the nuclear industry to carry out major jobs.

In fact, EDF is in virtual bankruptcy despite the recapitalization of the State to the tune of 3 billion euros in 2017.

Today, the nuclear industry is in disarray, that is a fact.

… but who is going to attack the rural areas!
And yet, with the complicity of the government, the nuclear industry wants to implement new projects in our counties , hoping in this way to revive this dying energy!

Thus, despite the EPR fiasco, EDF intends to launch the construction of six new reactors on three different sites! For the regions concerned, that would mean living with the risk of accidents for decades!   And rather than stopping the production of radioactive waste, the nuclear industry wants to continue to dot our territories with new sites dedicated to an illusory “management” of this mountain of substances.

In addition to the Cigéo radioactive waste landfill project in the Grand Est region, we can mention the ICEDA installation, where waste from decommissioning would be stored on the banks of the Rhône, the spent nuclear fuel storage project on the banks of the Loire, or a radioactive laundry on the banks of the Marne … Whether or not these projects are implemented directly in your territory, they concern you!

In exchange for the installation of its deadly projects in your communities, the nuclear industry dangles before you infrastructure, jobs, financing of economic and cultural projects … But what your territories will reap in the medium term is the desertification of a region plagued by nuclear power. It is the degradation of the image of the products of your region, and a loss of attractiveness for your municipalities. It means living with the risk of accidents, pollution from chemical and radioactive discharges, waste, high-risk transport, with the disregard of real local development, the health and safety of populations.

And even if these projects are not located near you, they concern you too. Because given the disastrous financial health of the nuclear industry, they will be financed out of state money, to the detriment of the public services that our territories need. And because in the event of an accident at one of these new facilities, the pollution will not stop at the border of your municipality.

I ask you to oppose the senseless revival of this industry which is a financial abyss, which prevents a real energy transition and which weighs on us the sword of Damocles of a nuclear accident and on our territories irreversible pollution. The protection and health of populations must come before the short-term financial interests of the nuclear industry! Ladies and Gentlemen, Mayors, local elected officials and inter-municipal presidents, don’t be fooled, refuse the establishment of the nuclear industry in your territories! They deserve better than this! Nuclear power has no future, let’s stop it! 

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