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The week in nuclear news

While the world struggles with the problems of virus and vaccines, the nuclear industry, along with many others, is in something of a stalemate. But, as with last week, the industry’s propaganda about small nukes and climate action goes on relentlessly. At the same time, a number of articles have contradicted this propaganda, stressing the long delay in getting nuclear reactors up and running, their costs, and unsoved waste problem.

What it will take to vaccinate the world against COVID-19.

Climate Change Must Be Tackled as a Global Security Risk.

Beyond the pandemic, the priority should be the elimination of nuclear weapons.

The nuclear weapons issue is a women’s issueFacts on who has nuclear weapons, and who might have, now or in the future.

3 governments join in USA’s promotion of conflict with China.

Small nuclear power plants no use in climate crisis.   Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) says advanced nuclear reactors are not a viable option to combat climate change,    Nuclear power costs – from the CATO Institute – a reality check for those who imagine nuclear as a climate solution.

Investment advice? Some big worries against investing in nuclear power.   No market for small nuclear reactors,   so no justification for setting up factories to make them.  Nuclear industry in decline, lobbies hard to portray itself as ”green”. 

JAPAN.  “Amid a pandemic, the Tokyo torch relay risks sacrificing public health on the altar of Olympic pageantry”.   Tokyo Olympic Games torch relay starts, but most Japanese want it cancelled.    Infamous Fukushima town sign praising nuclear energy to become permanent museum display . Delay in removal of debris from Fukushima nuclear plant. Longterm clean-up at least a century.

  Japan’s nuclear regulator bans Tepco from restarting Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant due to safety flaws. Unprecedented decision by Japan’s nuclear regulator to stop restart of the giant Kashiwazaki Kariwa plant.  Japan seeks international support for Fukushima tank water release. 

UKUK nuclear weapons announcement ‘shocking and alarming’ warn the Elders .  Scottish government firmly opposed to nuclear weapons and demands complete withdrawal of all nuclear weapons from Scotland.  UK’s decision to expand nuclear weapons – destabilises the fragile world order. 

Alarming safety lapse at Hunterston nuclear siteCovid-19 causes more delays and costs for Hinkley Point C nuclear projects.  Biased pro nuclear report on UK’s Sizewell project ignores the negative economic impacts.  UK new coal mine – to pave the way for a radioactive waste dump?


The folly of USA provoking war with China.   Delay in construction of Vogtle nuclear station – every day extra means additional costs to customers.  US Nuclear Corp signs agreements with Chinese nuclear corporation. Ohio Senate votes to remove nuclear power subsidiesPhysicians for Social Responsibility challenge the 20 year license extension for old enbrittled Point Beach nuclear station. New solar farm to replace Iowa’s only nuclear power plant: will supply more energy, and many jobs..  Community group created to advise cleanup of Three Mile Island nuclear site .

IRAN.  Iran wants sanctions lifted first: USA wants Iran to back down first, and reverse uranium enrichment.

NORTH KOREA. Kim Jong-un wants ”arms control talks” with USA, not denuclearisation in the short term.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. New research into the effects of nuclear bomb tests on Montebello islands.

GERMANY. German government settles disputes with nuclear plant operators.

FRANCE.  France’s nuclear reactors in state of disrepair, reducing electricity output.  France nuclear safety authority finds safety deviations in Flamanville plant .  Iodine tablets to be givento 64 municipalities near France’s Paluel nuclear power plant in Normandy.  No operating nuclear reactor in France is up to the required safety standard.

CANADA.  Canada’s nuclear regulator extended licence for Pickering nuclear plant despite the need for its aging pressure tubes to be replaced.  New nuclear is NOT the path to net zero.

CHINA.  China’s push for advanced nuclear reactors will produce much weapons grade plutonium.  Report on the military implications of China’s new fast-breeder nuclear reactor plans – ‘‘Plowshares to Swords ?”

CZECH REPUBLIC.    Czech secret services warn against involvement of Russia in nuclear tender .

NEW ZEALANDNew Zealand speaks out against UK’s expansion of nuclear weaponry..

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  1. Most of the human race and our leader.are bound up with their heads in the and. When they pull look.around, they go, with the most rabidly.insane, dogma and delusions, possible. like building more shoddy apocalyptic nuclear reactors or tarting a cold.war with China which would eventually go nuclear and mean more nuclear weapons stockpile.

    Comment by James corton | March 30, 2021 | Reply

  2. What is worse, is right wingers and fascists, and Falun apocalyptic nuts from republican funded-epoch magazine , Birchers, trump criminals, hate Moslems and treat them as bad or worse than they claim China does. They progenate mass killers, that murder Asians, in america because of their hate. They want to start a so called, limited nuclear war w China. They are building more nuke weapons, with.8000 already available. This will further radioactive poison, the hell of out the USA and there is nuclear waste everywhere. Several reactors ready to.blow. They want nuclear space platforms and hypersonic nuke missiles and more tactical nukes . They want them to insure earths incineration. China has only280 nukes. These are insane nucleoape.maniacs and criminals . They are urderers with no value No onsciences. Blood thirstynucleoapes and apcalyptic christians. Half is starving to death. half unemployed no health insurance, infrastructure failing with nuke.reactors on the verge of fukushima style failure in the.USA. and massive.numbers of expensive nuclear bombs are what they want to.invest in. I cannot.imagine a.more insane group of criminals and.bloody psychopaths. We saw what these crazy evil bastards did under trump. murderous racist sh*t. Bad karma . If trump would have.been reelected, there would be twice as many people in the streets. They were trying to cut off to millions. Close the post office. Half the country would be on fire. The hospital.Icus completely packed w more covid. Probly.a nuclear accident and the start of a nuclear war within months. How can so many.Americans be so crazy and stupid

    Comment by Tara Lowe | March 30, 2021 | Reply

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