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IPPNW Germany 27th Feb 2021On Saturday 27th Feb 2021, the German IPPNW, worked with internationalNGO’s from Japan, and America and Europe, to explain what 10 years of  living with the Fukushima disaster really has meant for Japanese people. The 11 talks were recorded on you tube and can be found on the link below.


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  1. The only one who will change things are the activists and childrn. Another major accidnt in the usa may cause riseup like fuku did in Germany. Doubtful though.Pyrophoric nuclear waste has been accumulating around most sites and in America for 75 to 10 or 20 years , not 5 or 10 years. All nuclear waste is pyrophoric. Underground Explosion Sparks Fire at Nevada Radioactive Waste Facility Trump wanted to dilute all the extremely explosive , carcinogenic nuclear waste at hanford that contains pultonium , co60 , cs137 . He wanted to.dilute it with sand and Kitty litter, cement and bury it or sell it as land fill . The waste will start blowing up, like it has in Beatty Nevada and other places. How can humans be so irreponsible and murderous. Especially, those paid to do a job properly. If trump had stayed in power, for another 6 months, would have been up in flames. There probably would have been a nuke used on Iran. Trump has no leadership skills or potential. An irrational pivot of hate, death, and destruction that rejoices in blood-tears, mayhem and murder. Biden is headed that way. This is what the USA calls politics and democracy . This is where the USA is going.

    Comment by Ken r | March 2, 2021 | Reply

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