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Ohio House and Senate wrestle with Bills about the nuclear bailout law

February 23, 2021 - Posted by | politics, USA

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  1. What have the massive gulf coast hurricanes harvey nari taught me? The moster coldspell and failure of the grid in texas with teps in the teens , almost freezing to death. Almost dying again of starvation like during the hurricanew.. Almost dying of thirst and.coluform water. Texas nuclear and rightwing whore of the south wherebthe STP reactor at bay city lost backup and.almost melted down again like it did during Harvey. There was no water in half of texas. Even hospitals. Texas is a total failure with pandemic still going. This.made me write diatribes and invectives appealing to the sense and sanity of the american people and people in the WORLD. is.listening
    30 years too late Its all 30 years too late. The nukeape countries Pronuke energy. Pronuclear weapon leaders .Nuclear military industrial complexes. and millions of minnions. Nuke countrys like USA ,Australia, russia Canada . Australias wildfires are starting to burn up again, from hc residue in soils, drought , global.warming, pryophoric radionuclides like uranium waste, in the soil. Every year radioniclide wildfires have been raging , at fukushima, chernobyl, santa susana w two meltdons, idaho national laboratory . It is from the.pyrophoricity of most all radionuclides the Uranium, plutonium, cesium 137 cobalt 60 strontium 90 americium, thorium 90 . Radium and uranium, from fracking from nuclear , ftom uranium mining, from refining and.burning hydrocarbons.
    Areas around mayak and hanford have perrenial wildfires . Around los alamos, they have massive wild fires that 2ill happen this year from heat fought and.radionuclide plutonium, uraniu, amerecium.dust contamination from plutonium pit manufacture at Los almos. Wildfire areas are growing. They are spreading. They engulphed half of australia, half of the usa, a third of the Amazon in the past 3 years.

    Huge swaths, in nuclear polluted Arctic and Siberia regions. Neo liberal creeps redbaiters and warwongers are entrenched, with the military industrial complexes of the west world. Nukeapes Russia wants to Build crappy nuke plants, in third world.counties.

    More nuke missiles . Billions and trillions, for weapons as people starve , infrastrucures errode the economies suk. A steep race downward to environmental and nuclear oblivion. There are 30,000 tonnes, of hi level nuke waste in huge thin, tin metal casks across the USA. The equivalents of 10 million nuclear bombs . Stored outside on pads, in thin skin cracked-casks. All around the country NM, texas, Nevada, san onofre, Cali, wa, NM, fla and by reactors. If u or I were wi 20.feet of 50 pounds of that hilevel waste emmit gamma and beta storms will kill u in 20minutes. Florida has several beatup.old.reactors as do.texas LA miss , carolina etc.
    700 percent more hurricanes more eartquakes. Failure to close embrittled, 30 and 40 yo rattletraps.reactors, will lead to.nuclear catastrophe. Radionuclides in trace amounts, in the environment, increase wild fires, 30 fold make.them hotter bigger and.much more profuse. Radionuclides Increase their radiuss like the huge 90,000 acre wildfire at Idaho National laboratory, where the area is saturated w.radionuclides.

    If even two or three nuke complexes go off , half the country will get very sik.

    There will ne no one, to stop from going up in multiple chemical and nuclear explosions with fires .

    There will be.No drinkable water. All electric grids will be down. 2 / 3RDS of the country , will be sick and.dying. many people and animals bleeding.through every pore in their. Totally rad sick from internal radionuclides and external beta and gamma irradiation.

    Half will be on wildfire, next year 10 extra hurricanes will occur. It will not be civil war that destrpys america . Those.of us who.have survived the.marias, harveys, blackouts, massive wildfires, know that.

    People will be too sik and disabled to.move or eat , much less shoot anyone else. It will be catastrophic attritition and death, leading to more chemical plants blowing up. More power outages. More nuke reactors blowing up. Hi level nuke waste fires, across the.usa. The USA is already inundated w the radionuclides – internally, in our water , in our landfills Americans are so stupid

    Comment by Art Hunsaker | February 24, 2021 | Reply

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